New update...what character changes occurred

What’s the skinny…and buffs or nerfs? Can’t seem to find any info

Thanks y’all!!

Nothing has changed yet…it is in Beta to determine if the proposed changes are good. :wink:

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Any news on exactly what has changed in the new update?

I have seen this in a video, I do not know what will be true …

Those changes are still being tested in Beta, they are not included in this last update

So what was included in this update?

I was wondering what the changes are too, though I still have no update.

If this is the case, I’m surprised by the complete lack of thinking outside the box. Tuning the max damage on specials, really? :smile: And Leonidas self heal? And Thorne? …

This is a response to my complaint about there being no changelog posted. Let’s hope they are telling the truth.

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he is telling the truth, the update that was released for the actual game was just bug fixes, the stat changes are in beta so it’s going to be a while before you see them in the actual game

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OMG they increase Kadilen but not Elkanen. still poor elkanen as 5* heroes

So , Richard ?? I think richard atack is low than thorne , but no news for richard…