New update question

  • You can now select the color of your VIP dragon if you have unlocked multiple dragons.

Does this mean that you can have multiple dragons from purchasing the VIP 30 day pass AND the 1 year pass collecting 60 gems per day?

No, V.I.P. pass stacks on duration and not on intensity, if you buy 1 year and 1 month you’ll have V.I.P.'s benefits for 1 year and 1 month, not for 1 year with a “enhanced month”.

I think that now you could just select the color of your dragon.

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So…how exactly do you change the color of your dragon? Ive had the VIP for multiple months. I click on the little dude and I just get fire. I poked around in the shop and no luck there either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My girlfriend really, really wants a pink dragon :slightly_smiling_face:

In the Store, go to the VIP block and then toggle the colors:

Hmmm. Neither mine nor my girlfriends account show the color options. Everything else is the same, just no blocks under the dragon. Doubled checked and were both fully updated. Oh well, she lost some enthusiasm for it if its just a purple or green choice anyways lol. Loving the rest of the update :smile:

So, I bought the year-long VIP when introduced. That unlocked the purple dragon. Then there was a special on a one-month pass in December, which was a great deal, so I bought it, too, unlocking the green dragon.

Ah so after rereading the patch notes I think I see whats up. You can only toggle if you have purchased (unlocked) both the monthly and the yearly. Oh well, she was hoping to be able to just change the color to pink…the hotter the better. All good, thanks for the response.

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