New Update isn't

So I got locked out of the game to update.
So I went to update.
And No update available.
So I cleared out my phone to make sure I have room.
Still no update available and still locked out.
So I uninstalled the app rest my phone Reinstalled the app and…
Still locked out of the game.

Go straight into the google play store and search for the game. You should see the update then.

I’ve had this happen on my note 8 myself.



You didn’t read everything did you?
In order to reinstall an App you have to look it up under google play.

#contact-support sounds like the best option for you

Ouch, yeah I had this issue once but uninstall and reinstall fixed the issue. Is it doing the same error as before you reinstall?? Support probably at this point or try uninstall one more time

Maybe the update is not available in your region at this moment. Check it several times until it become available. It happened to one of friend with the last version . Good luck !

This is the set of steps recommended by SG for the problem you’re having. I didn’t see all of their recommendations on your list of things you’ve tried, so hopefully one of these steps helps.


Pretty much I had to delete all my apps that needed updates to bump EP to the top of my update list.
It wouldn’t update because it wasn’t "next in line":disappointed_relieved:

Yikes. Sounds like a bad design decision by Google Play, especially for people with limited phone memory. That’s good info, though, for anyone else who has this problem. Thanks for letting us know what finally worked.

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