New update: higher * Titan loot upgrade

With today’s roll out they have Removed 13/14* titans but have stated the loot will be better on higher * titans.

Would people please record what titans drop in their different power ranges.

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Hey Bully! You ok? Hope so.
Just had my first loot from new update and can confirm loot tier XIV has 4 ascension rolls instead of 3. Luck was not so big though but the chances are there.


4 crafting items and 4 ascension items. Definitely better odds as established.


Hey Luiz, thank you for letting us know!
If there is a big difference in loot I may have to consider jumping ship

I do not agree, because even today we defeated 1 of 9 * and even so the spoils were good, on the contrary, I continue with several heroes with no items to ascend

Top players already are getting to many ascension items. Developers are giving even more. And later other players will be punished for that. Continue, continue such way. It is so unfair. Top players without spending any euro can get more ascension items than users who are spending real money. I personally stopped buying any ascension items. Because of luck of ascension items there is no real need for 5* heroes also. Have three blue 5* heroes but I am far from fully to ascend 1. Will try my luck with June HOTM and event heroes. In case of bad results I will stop to buy diamonds unless deals will be really amazing.

I don’t think it just takes to that. It’s only natural and fair that whoever kills 11, 12, 13 and 14* titans have the CHANCE to get more. You know and everyone else knows how hard it is to kill a titan, each one at its level. You see I got one orb. I could have gotten an orb killing a 5* titan and not spending a single item.
I got A+ and spent a lot of turtle banners, bombs, mana potions and healing potions. A lot! I used FOUR 4* heroes and only Delilah as a 5*!! They all died or almost died on most attacks. Whoever faces insane risk and prevails deserves to get the CHANCE to get more. We had 3 players on A rank that got nothing important, just like 90% of all players.
Top players aren’t getting anything more than you, and definitely not FREE. I could have gotten nothing. And it’s the most common scenario.


These “top” players have crawled, slogged, fought and clawed their way up the ladder to get the rewards they are receiving now. How is it “unfair” that after many months they are rewarded?


Simple, you’ll never reach them. For now in game no way to reach higher player if spending being equal.

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Spending or luck. I can be out-spent or out-lucked by others. shrug

But I disagree that it’s “fair” somehow that players who have been clocking the hours for months now to attain the heights and rewards are to be suddenly denied their prize. No. That’s not right.


There is no luck just probability. And there is a probability ( (1/2)^n, n=quantity of molecules) that all molecules of oxygen will appear on another part of my room and I’ll die in agony. I suppose this probability is comparable to probability of reaching tops without donate.

Edited: still alive.

There are plenty of threads where we can discuss the merits of F2P vs P2W. Can we please leave this one to just collect data on what the change in Titan loot mechanics is? Then we can figure out if it’s good or bad.


Cam somebody relink to what the loot rolls were prior to update? We’re on 8*/9*, I’m generally A, so getting Tier X or XI. Not sure if this is included in the buffed loot, so I’d like to keep it in mind.

It’s for tiers XlV-XV

What data you wish to collect? Every one on tier XlV-XV will have 33% more items, then on tier lX-Xlll.

Rook, real money spenders are legal cheaters mostly. Yes, LEGAL CHEATERS. I’m talking about all youtubers, including Anchor who is very nice guy, very helpful and who is giving lot of amazing tips. But company is not alowed to advert his or other people youtube channels. More people watch him, more he gets from youtube, more can spend here. Anchor is just one example, no offense.
Course we all have rights to make youtube chanells but not all have harizma, good language etc. In the end all these youtubers just making in-game offers more expensive.
Do not forget, drop rates are much worse compare to old days too. People who started play later are getting less now. To reach same starting point, people have to spend even more money.
Empires and puzzles are very addictive game, we all love and hate it in same time. But slowly it is going nowhere. Most people are stuck and are not able to develop. What developers are doing? They are making gap even bigger.

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We know that the top loot tiers have an extra ascension mat roll, but it would be nice to get a sense of the odds of getting rare loot within each roll.

For example, we all know intuitively that the odds of getting a telescope in Tier I are very very low, and higher in Tier VIII—not because there are more mats but because the odds table for each roll change. How are they changing at the top tiers?

The definition of “cheat” is “act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination.”

The definition of “legal” is “permitted by law”.

The problem when you accuse someone of cheating (and of SG colluding with it) is that you are saying SG permits cheating which they do not!

Which game rule is being broken here? When SG finds cheaters, hackers and what nots, they immediately shut them down. Why? Because cheating is not permitted in this game.


I agree with Builderbooo in the sense that it might become a problem.
Increasing the odds a lot (by 33%) for everyone in the corresponding loot tiers will increase the amount of ascension items handed out to these players by the same amount.
If SG now decides that “they are getting too many items” (see the discussion about mercenaries) and feels the urge to change the chances somewhere else, this will hit the people not getting the higher tiers unproportional.

I agree that you should get rewards for the effort, but this has to stay in balance with the rest of the population.
How many alliances are killing these titans and how many would be affected negatively by a future “adjustment”?

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Do you have evidence that loot tier influence on probability to get ascention material from each roll?

I’ve never noticed any correlation between loot tier and drop rate.

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