New update doesn't works in iOS 7


Hi there!

After the new update the game doesn’t work anymore. When I click on the icon is displayed a black screen for around 2 seconds and close.
I already tried to remove and reinstall but nothing happens. The issue is still there.

Please check it.


According to Wikipedia, support for IOS OS 7 ended in 2016.

I suspect you need to update your OS.


The game description says iOS 7 or later. Always worked but today after the update crashed.
Its not possible to update the OS. Its an iPhone 4 and iOS 7 is the limit.


You can send a Game support request directly to Small Giant Games here:


Ok great! Will do.
Thanks a lot!


Had the same problem, got a reply from small giant

"…Thank you for your message.

We have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we were still able to bring back the support for iOS 7 in version 1.9.2. We have already submitted this fix and as soon as Apple approves it, it will be available for all iOS 7 users.

The bad news is that this is only a temporary fix, and unfortunately we will be forced to drop the support for iOS 7 starting from version 1.10. We’d love to keep supporting older devices, but unfortunately some of the 3rd party libraries we depend on have decided to drop the support for iOS 7. This change mostly affects iPhone 4 users, because Apple has stopped providing iOS updates for those devices since 2016.

We realize that this is a disappointment for the (small amount of) users affected, and I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,

Sara …“
Small Giant Games…”