New update - alter requirement to level troops?

Did the new update alter the requirements to level troops, e.g. move the amount of troops to take a 4* troop from level 4 to level 5 from 850 troops to 950 troops?


yup very much seems like it . this is a very bad move developers @Petri


Seriously? Possibly the most difficult/long winded aspect of the grind has just been made worse? Yep, real bad move.


Is this real? If so is it intended? Ugh. Agree that it sucks if so.

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I’m looking at my 4* Barbaric Alpha Minotaurs and it shows 825 required to move to level 5 for me.

4* Monastic Battlemages shows 950 to go from 5 to 6.

Why in the bloody fork isn’t this included in the patch notes??

Cmon Petri. You’re better than that.

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Meant to say level 5 to level 6. It is quite frustrating if that is the case, because it artificially makes closing the gap more difficult with players that leveled troops prior to the update.

Tell me how this new amount of ham needed for troops is good for the little guy.

Did that last award get dropped on someone’s head?

Are you all sure this changed? I’m not seeing it. 1->2 took 450 exp, 2->3 took 575, and each increase was another 125 added each level up. Looks the same to me.

Can this be confirmed? I can’t check that at the moment. No 4*s to check with.

lol, much ado about nothing then…

Well, that’s why I’ve asked.
The problem is selfmade, though.
If the game would be more transparent, there would be much less ado.

Thank you @Alberto1 !

Thanks for answering for me

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