New unsporting war exploit

Yes i am, and that was exactly why i suggest it. That war screenshot posted before is the reason.
I don’t know if they tried to copy me or whatever, but they dig their own graves.

I usually am in the 4500-5000 points range in my wars.
They did 3900 even tho i attacked first, so they literrally know they had no chance to win anymore.

If they put up their normal defence, they could gave me a hard time or even won, depending on circustances.

But they probably had thought to do something “special” to fight against me, which was a terrible decision.

They were a good duo and good raiders.

If you want to use “tricks” like me, better know them well.

To be fair, that is a very niche loophole.


This is why most MMO avoid might based match making, humans are so incredibly smart. And who wants to spend years plugging individual loopholes?

When raids were broken, SGG did not switch to a might based system. Instead they fixed raid rewards so the incentive was to fight stronger opponents

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My alt did 6 oneshot this war :grin:

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Advanced color stacking is insane at this level.

Bonus, it avoids the suspected attack stat soft cap


Click for notes

Player info ( plug, plug )

([Suggestion] For Devs or Rival match 3 Devs or Update tile selection frame with damage info- updated with special skill damage and defense normal attacks)

Maths, maths, maths


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Somebody get the burn cream.


As the saying goes, All is well in love and war. This is a very common strategy with Russian alliances. I used to be in a 30 member alliance and we were hovering around the 200 ranked alliance. We have faced multiple Russian teams that did this. In a 30 member team they used to leave 3 to 5 joker teams. We had a simple approach
Don’t hit the weak ones unless it had to be done to flip the alliance for a reset. We used to hit the strong ones with high points and wait for reset. All it takes is planning and coordination and bit of luck from the board. We used to thrash such alliances by quite a margin.

If you feel that your alliance is not ready to face such strategy, then give it time and grow to become better. Its all about team work and luck from the tiles. And most of try to enjoy the game. After all this is just a game not our life.


What bothers me the most about this strategy is that is a very, very, very, very simple way to reduce it drastically:

equalize victory bonus points for all teams.

In a 30 member alliance, 500 victory bonus points are distributed evenly amongst all the teams: 500/30 = 16,66… round to 17.

However, whenever there is a “handicapped” defense, it just grants 10 victory points for beating them.

Get those poins back to 17, and you reduce the benefit of using that strategy.

When is the last time they “fixed” anything? Why would you think they were working to improve gameplay when they have never done so?

About a month and a half ago.

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That sounded so proudly :joy: :joy: :joy:

That wasn’t an attempt to fix the issue, it was an attempt to look like they’re doing something.

None of the gameplay problems in this game are hard to fix. They are very simple to fix.

I do not am ashamed of it :innocent:

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So they had a whole elaborate plan to deceive the gamer base into believing that they were trying to fix problems with the game that would ostensibly be easy to fix otherwise?

Not sure that I understand that one. This would be like if my wife always complained about me not taking the trash out to the curb and I was worried enough to act on it lest she leave me, but rather than just take the trash out I opted to right up an elaborate system of mirrors and video screens to give the appearance of an empty trash can. I mean, I guess technically that stops her complaining momentarily, but eventually she’s going to notice that you were just trying to trick her and never actually took it. One can only presume she’s going to be more angry than had you done nothing at all.


yeah, you even owned it on the memes thread :sweat_smile:

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Your lack of understanding doesn’t make it complex. False complexity is a common method of deception, since most people are stupid and will give up rather than exhaust themselves trying to understand something.

It’s more like the garbage is piling up, you keep insisting you’re taking it out, your friends keep insisting that you’re taking it out, and you’re happy to let them lie for you.

There are too many simple fixes for it to be an accident. We salute the accountants, who know exactly what they are doing.

I do appreciate the implication that people who disagree with you are just stupid and blind to the truth. Very Heaven’s Gate. What do you propose is the upside of this conspiracy for them, aside from alienating their consumers?


I alike your example but a more tailored example would be

The dog keeps going through the trash looking for food.

The dog is too old to retrain so the option is nail the trash can to the floor or use a system of mirrors and video screens to hide the problem.

In the first case my spouse would be upset with the damage to the floor, but understand the dog IS old, and not as trainable as a puppy.

In the second case my spouse will be upset that I broke their trust AND made the situation worse ( rotten meat, dairy and tomatoes do significant damage while attracting vermin ).


Puppy= Elo based system, with Elo based war points, with loyalty, and effort based, rewards

Old Dog= Might based system, with might ( HP ) based war points, with win streak based rewards

My Spouse= Alliance teammates

I= SGG Devs

Trash can= 5* HotM/ 4* ascension item/ Emblem/ Hero XP business model

Often things that seem like a superficially simple fix lead to horrendously complicated repercussions.

What seemed like a simple fix to irrigate an arid land led to destruction of the world’s 4th largest freshwater body (and the fishing industry it supported).

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Your repeated statements that it’s “simple” doesn’t make it true. It just indicates that it’s more likely that you don’t understand the problem space.

Particularly when you don’t offer up any such “simple” solution and instead claim that devs haven’t posted in the forums for the past 2 years.

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A oneshot on his team was literally only 32 points. Yes, obviously our stronger players ignored his team, and let the weak player oneshot him. The problem was that the rest of their alliance had almost all 4000+ teams. Whereas less than half our alliance has them. They oneshot a lot of our teams, including my 4500+ team, multiple times. Our alliance simply did not have the power to keep up with that, especially since we were losing net points every time we oneshot the weak team.

Our weakest member could also easily be oneshot by their team, but not because he nerfed it, and his points equaled 89. We lost 57 points every time each of the weakest teams was killed.

Nerfing a single team meant we couldn’t readily flip the board. They exploited the war, and it simply shouldn’t be allowed.

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