New "Ultimate tournament offer" -- Thoughts & discussion

Making this thread so it doesn’t bog down the weekly Tournament Discussion Thread.

Thoughts & discussions; please don’t get snipey with each other etc… And as usual, #forum-rules apply.

price in AUD, includes tax

Previous offers (Alternate weekly):

14.99 AUD for 3x ETT, 3x Grey Tokens, 2x 2* Trainers in each colour, 2x 1* Trainers in each colour, 50x Backpacks, 50x Rugged Cloths


30.99 AUD for 5x ETT, 5x Grey Tokens, 5x 2* Trainers in each colour, 5x 1* Trainers in each colour, 100x Backpacks, 100x Rugged Cloths


I definetly schocked with this offers… very very very Ultimate TRAINER!
Also have new food bundle as well! (new item that can be buy).
it’s hug of raining Trainer,… hug of feeder material :scream: :scream_cat:

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By way of comparison:

Offer On-Colour Feeding Off-Colour Feeding
14.99 AUD offer 30,000 exp 26,000 exp
30.99 AUD offer 75,000 exp 65,000 exp
Ultimate offer 111,000 exp 96,200 exp

Comparing the “exp per dollar” in AUD

Offer On-Colour Feeding Off-Colour Feeding
14.99 AUD offer 2001.33 exp/$ 1734.49 exp/$
30.99 AUD offer 2420.14 exp/$ 2097.45 exp/$
Ultimate offer 2362.21 exp/$ 2047.24 exp/$

Also note you are missing the “backpacks” component of the offer & you get less ETT than the “middle” offer


Interesting comparison… At first glance, it really looked like you get more value for money then the middle option.


Interesting thing your screens says 710% value and mine 690% value :slight_smile:
Price in euro 32.99!
On the topic even im more f2p than c2p this offer looks like something FRESH hope to see more Variety of offers not just regular ones that been going for years maybe adding stuff like that is a step forward and this coming from 1 year f2p player with 1 Vip purchase so far!


Mine is 720% value in pound sterling

Google says 46.99 AUD = 25.76 Pound Sterling. I understand it’s to do with VAT right?

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I see your 690% value and would like to raise my 650% in VND (from Vietnam).
Wait, does this mean I’m paying more tax :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway, love the concept of Ultimate Offer with 4* Trainer heroes and food bundles, but 0 Backpacks is a deal-breaker for me. I love me some TC02.

That is bizarre. Fortunately I found no value in a farmable resource i’m struggling to use.

I am glad to see the resource bundles finally making an appearance outside Path of Valor. I really - really hope this trend continues - the next big step would be to see them outside the paid offers…

As for everything else about this offer - it is pure utterly disconnected litter. Expensive, bad selection of items (rugged clothes and silver tokens, really? I have 240 of one and 15,357 of the other)… of course trainers are always welcome but at this price tag? gosh. It’s yet another high price - low gain offer added recently, and I hate it. :slight_smile: Soon there will be more offers than the game content, and as p2w player, this only pushes me to further limit my spending.


720 % in Switzerland

To be honest, I never bought me one of the Trainer Heroes offers and I never will.

Still the best two are VIP, but i would love to see, the give us a lil bit more for that price.

And the other is the ticket for PoV


The recent “Shock Offer” with Domitia on the ad was also very shocking. Shockingly bad.


My first impression to see this offer was that it was so overpriced. Glad to see everyone else thinks the same here

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Here’s the US version:

xxx% of value… (small differences doesn’t matter)

But in comparison to what?

I’d only buy those if I or the offer had 4* mats. For what reason should I buy trainer heroes, if the feeded will get stuck @70 for almost a year?


Exactly, this is kinda funny. They don’t allow you to buy any of these resources directly, but they do say paying 30 USD makes it 700% cheaper. Only because there are some imaginary price units for the items in the game - and if they are as realistic as those attached to the items in the gem shop, this deal % is really meaningless… could as well state it’s 700,000% cheaper and it would still mean nothing lol.


This game was designed to move at a glacial pace from the very beginning. As long as you accept that, you’ll have fun.

Like crack and heroin, the first hit is always highly discounted. Don’t be tempted. If you’re dissatisfied with the pace of progress in the game, delete it from your device.

Besides, even if you use all those trainer heroes at once, it’ll still be a drop in the bucket for leveling a 5*. And the odds are 95% that your ETTs will just get you 3*s, too.

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730% in Canada. Still not buying it tho.

Quite a motley assortment, I see two items completely worthless to me (rugged clothes & silver coins) and 25 trainers waiting to clog up my roster until I could use them. And both the ETT & food crates are less desirable than their counterparts EHT & iron crates (at least to me). A lot more xp for the money, so I’m sure it’s useful for players who regularly get the trainer deals already, but nothing here to sway me at all.

The pricing scheme reminds me of when I was selling records - rarity alone can determine much of the [subjective] value. In this case though they’re setting the rarity themselves by limiting drops within the game (so maybe more analogous to the diamond market where inventory is dripped into the supply chain slowly to create artificial rarity). But without direct purchases of these items, any perceived “value %” is somewhere between arbitrary and meaningless.


Get 1 for the price of 2 and we’ll give you 1 for free… :wink: