NEW TYPE of TROOPS - Runic Guardians

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Who would benefit them? They arent generaly best for raids, neither tournamens or titans.
Their best role is for Wars defense (especially good for undead minion wars), minions setup raids and for team setups in raids which lack healers (or heroes already have some healing ability on their own and they needs just a bit more support to it.

They are also middle ground between attack and defense troops!

So they’re excellent role is very niche, but generally welcomed by many groups :slight_smile:

Maxed stats : Runic guardians
Medium defense 23% (1+ overall)
Medium attack 23% (1+ overall)
Increased Att/HP for minions 12% (for example if minion has 100hp, it has now 112 hp)
Hp regen per turn 3% ( starting at 1% and going up by 0,5%)

Comparison to Rebel Inflitrators (Green mana troops)

26% attack
18& defense
20% healing buff
15% mana regen buff

3* version : Tomb dwellers
Maxed stats :
Medium defense 17% (1+ overall) to 3* green troops
Medium attack 17% (1+ overall)
Increaed Hp/att minions 8%
Hp regen per turn 3% ( starting at 1% and going up by 0,5%)

Where to get them? During ruins excavation (presented here : New feature : RUINS/ DUNGEON EXCAVATION) as possible loot reward and featured thematic offers. :slight_smile:

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