New type of heroes

One of the main aspects of this game is that the further you get in it, the more likely you’ll be using mono colour teams or teams with multiple heroes of the same colour.

The weakness in that is that of course it makes 20% / 40%/ … up to 80% of tiles become useless.

But what if there was a type of heroes who learned to master their weakness and learned to control the opposite (weak) colour?

When their special triggers, not only do they get protection against their weak colour, but additionally handle tiles as if it were their own colour. This would just affect the damage done by tiles, not any other aspect of it.

In defence on contrast tiles of the weak colour would suffer a huge reduction in power against them when the special triggers. Opposite coloured heroes would also lose attack against these heroes.

Percentages and numbers I leave to the developers.

Ex. : an attacking team has 1 blue hero and 1 red “mindcontroller” hero. Whenever the red hero triggers the blue tiles do damage as if there were 2 blue heroes for a certain amount of rounds. The red hero becomes as well red as blue.

This would allow mono teams to still have some access to other coloured tiles, be it only from the weak opposite colour.

Welcome to the forum. This is kinda what your looking for.

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Except I think they;re meaning for allies rather than enemies.

So if you took all Blue heroes to a fight, then fired your hero and suddenly your “blue” heroes became “red” ones.


Indeed, it is definitely similar to that effect. But the effect would only be on the caster, and indeed in tour own allied hero not on the opposite heroes.
Also, the colour of the hero would not “change” to the new colour, but the new colour would be added, and temporarily the hero would master 2 colours.

A bit silly, the idea came actually from the Avatar series and the mastering of several elements for bending. In that way, a"fire" bender Red, can learn to “Water” bend blue. And would control both elements for a couple of rounds.

Probably the damage they do with the opposite colour tiles can increase with level of.mastering, for example 15% at level 1. +15% level 4, +10% after that. Same in defence were damage from opposite tiles is reduced by a smaller percentage. To come to maximum 75% “protection” at level 8

There’s a lot of tweaking to work out, like how the heroes would specifically weaken opponent heroes ( reduced attack percentage and possibly defence?) Which both in defence mode as in Attacking mode would benefit the whole team, but of course especially with mono teams. This is similar to the current link system, except it affects the enemy rather than the allies.

Traditionally, one would attack a mono red team with a lot of blues, for example. Or even a mono blue team. But these type of heroes would " protect" against that blue attack.
At the same time, the attacker of the mono blue team would, if he/she had such a hero, do the same to the defence team and control red tiles so circumventing that defense element.

Etc… for all other colours.

Again.It is just a base for an idea. Needs to be worked out much further. Can be developed for 3* 4* and 5* heroes…

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