New type of event idea

There is a topic on the forum about “how challenge event suck” and I totally disagree, but it did make me think about a new sort of event, which would be playable for everyone and really level the playing field. Thing is, it won’t bring in any money (although there could be an event summon), so maybe not a monthly thing, but once every 3 months or so?

@Duaneski was going on and on about leveling the playng field for new players, and I find it ridiculous for the current challenge events, because that is not how they are designed.
I did however find the idea interesting that everyone has access to exactly the same thing and it all comes down to skill (I really expect the same people to dominate the leaderboard, because they are skilled, but there might be some surprises too). So the idea is, in this particular event everyone is provided with the same leveled heroes, troops and battle items and you can use those, but nothing else. It would be nice if among those some new heroes could be introduced and maybe even some new battle items too. Just one difficulty tier of course, because everyone has the same heroes and items (although you could do capped tiers within).

Edit: just read that @Paulon kind of suggests something like this in that thread. Sorry, didn’t want to steal your idea, great minds and all…:wink:

Good ideas are free to a good home. :wink:
I don’t know if it’s something we’ll ever see, but there’s no harm in making sure the idea is where the devs can easily see it, and make up their own minds on whether it’s something they want to consider doing.

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Octopus of approval from me :octopus: (there’s no seal in the smiley SG!!)

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Call this a “Test Drive Event”. :slight_smile: Can be used as a promotion of new heroes with some special offers or something.