New trials

Why can’t the classes be freshened up and shifted around if not completely random? Sure Wizard and Sorcerer are natural bedfellows, Ranger and Druid I get, Paladin and Monk but what about Barbarian and Cleric or Fighter and whatever one I haven’t said. Mix 'em up, give us some variety as I have almost memorised the team I need for each one.

Yeah, change combinations and bosses. Would vote if any left.


Yes, and also bring us Season 2 and Season 3 bosses.
I prefer with patern though… not random. So that at least we know who are the bosses…

Trial Quest II, so that it should give the reward more emblem :grinning: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent:


Yeah wouldn’t hurt to swap it about a bit.
Could do atlantis bosses on the Wed n Sun before n after atlantis.

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Let me be the first to then say, kudos to you for searching the forum before posting this thread. You are indeed a rare breed.

OK… Back to normal viewing, you’d have my vote if I had any left.


Yes please! Also love the idea of adding at least Season 2 heroes to the mix with potentially more emblems as rewards.

Trials used to be the most exciting part of the game to me because they forced me to strategize but now I’ve arrived at pretty much the ideal team from my roster for each trial and it’s rapidly becoming another grind. Mixing it up would be great

And I shall be the second :grin:



Still half the time a moderator merges and closes my new posts within 5 seconds because I didn’t search the right phrase or keyword :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
You guys are onto it so fast it makes my head spin!

I would love to have different Trials.
Why not do similar to how it’s done with the Raid Tournament, and it will be a certain colour removed (and maybe other rules) and only X, Y and Z classes allowed that week.

This could work slightly different to the current trials too. Instead of having 3 Stages, we could just have the 1 Stage BUT it could have MORE waves in it and maybe even a “mini boss” half way through. By Mini boss, this could mean 1 of 2 things that I can think of: 1) it can just be ONE boss by itself instead of 3, or 2) It can be 2 or 3 bosses BUT with half the health that the MAIN bosses would have.

In total, it could be 7 or 8 or 9 waves: Waves 1, 2, 3, [4] Mini Boss, 5, 6, [7] Main Bosses

the rewards could be the same or similar as the current trials - and the emblem rewards could be random and not specific to what bosses we are fighting.

Edit: How do we get more votes? I am at my limit apparently.

Rather than starting a new thread, I’d like to pitch in some ideas for new trials rather than the standard set of 10, and following the same pattern.

Now that emblems are supposedly easier to acquire and accumulate, post-update from various sources, players tend to not have to wait “as” long to acquire certain emblems for classes that they are prioritizing over others, why not have the classes being mixed up a bit? Have the 10 classes tossed into a bag, shake it and pick out 2.

So Fighters can be paired in with not just Barbarians or Wizards, and they could be paired with Druids, Rogues, or Monks. So if the math is done correctly, there should be a total of 45 different combinations of 2 from 10 classes.

Yes, I get the cons to this idea.

  • Some might not make much sense in the pairing/synergy - But that’s why it is fun!
  • Planning is going to be horrible - My sincere apologies to the calendar makers.
  • There will be ton of names to come up with and remember - That’s why there is the wiki/forum
  • Perhaps the most important part of this setup, what if Sorcerer is rolled for the next 10 times - RNGesus loves him/her some Sorcerers, I guess? But there could be something within the programming so that if the same one or two of the classes are repeated more than one consecutively, a re-roll would comence so it’s not just pepperoni and cheese all the time
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As you said shake the bag and draw out two at a time until the bag is empty then you won’t have the Sorcerer ten times in a row. You still get each one coming around every 5 trials but not always the same pairings.

SG please reinvent trials!
They arent really trials and dont differ much from other stages (only hero selection).

Suggestions :

  • PALADIN trials * healing is increased*, all enemy monsters/heroes deal increased dmg with a chance of crit, when darkness falls (every other or third round)
  • ROGUE trials there is a chance each round (mini game), chamber shoots arrows (green) or fireballs (red), water (blue), rocks (yellow), poision (dark) gas at your heroes (you have around 2 seconds to recognize what the chamber will fire and you need to match the element on board to dodge attack from chamber (rogue talents also help in dodging)
  • FIGHTER trials (chances for counter attack and revives are added to each hero/ monster. Heroes (not monsters) are also revived with 33% hp (not 1hp).
  • BARBARIAN trials ( extra chance for bleeding effects and increased slash/tile dmg for everyone)
  • WIZARD trials ( mini game) Variety of buffs and ailments are randomly allocated between allies/ enemies. Matching the correct element which is chosen for that special round (every 3rd), dispells ailments from allies
  • SORCERER trials (each round , spell damage/ healing randomly fluctuates in strenght bonus/ weakened by % .

RANGER trials ( crit chance randomly fluctuates for allies/enemies each round). Allies/ enemies also get bonus dmg multiplyer if ally/enemy was taken down for next round.

DRUID trials ( all summons have increased dmg, regen effects are stronger, and minions have a chance to duplicate (like Seshat ability)


  • EACH trials has extra 2 lvls where you can raise bar, how far you wish to test yourself at the cost of gems and 1 loot ticket (example : increase enemy team power by 500 for extra 50 emblems at the cost of 50 gems . HIGH END teams can really test themselves going vs 6000 tp enemy team if they want :slight_smile: SG can also earn extra this way. (only 1 try each time per extra lvl)
  • INCLUDE into trials also HEROES from other seasons and costume chamber ones to add diversitiy
  • INCLUDE different sorts of levels (UNDERWATER, VALHALLA ROCKS, etc,…

This way, we would really look forward to such trials and chance to really test ourselves. And SG have a chance to earn extra from high end players and whales :slight_smile:

VOTE PEOPLE, comment :slight_smile:

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I think it would be cool if they mixed up the bosses on the emblem quests. They’re getting stale.

I don’t mean random and different for everyone. Even if there were only 2-3 sets of bosses to be randomized for that event. I also think the new bosses should incorporate hero costumes to increase variety as well.


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I think that it’s a good idea, you have my vote. :+1:

Good call. Just want to see even more emblem win chances. Don’t get me wrong it has improved but still want to see more

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This idea already exists in a slightly different form, here:

New trials

Please search existing threads before adding new. :wink::+1:


Are the trials for emblemes up-to-date? I think, it will be better to add one stage within 25 emblemes! The game is constantly evolving, but this quest doesn’t!


I personally wouldn’t mind another stage in the trials for additional emblems.
But I also think that the rewards should be increased / doubled at this stage in the game.
Just my two pennies worth


Didn’t we just had a favorable update on this? A few more emblems were added per stage. Like @JGE what had said, I, too, don’t mind getting more. But my issue is SG will think that we are a bunch of greedy folks wanting more.

Years ago, if I remember correctly reading in the forum as a lurker without an account, some complained that there are very few heroes and events. Now that we have more, and some players complain still. No wonder SG won’t listen to us here in the forum and even the beta testers. We don’t have a unified front.

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I wouldn’t say a couple extra emblems is favorable. It’s more like toss the plebs some scraps so they will shut up for a bit.