New trainings/advanced TC

The AMA talked about new training levels forthe TC or maybe something called a stronghold building., It seemed to me that the team is unsure of exactly what they are going to do there. SO here is my suggestion.

Be able to convert 1 and only 1 TC20 to a new building called an advanced TC or whatever.

This building will need leveled.

At level 1 you can train
ONLY 4 or 5* heroes with the likelihood of pulling a 5* at say 10-15*
the cost would be around
1.5M food, 1.5M iron, 200 recruits, 10 sharpening stone, 10 backpack, 10 rugged clothes, 10 wooden sword. The wait time would be 1 week

Levels 2-6 would be exactly the same but color specific with the additional cost of 1 of each 3* farmable AM specific to the color

Level 7 would train only 5* heroes at a cost of
MAX food (requires all level 20 food storage ) ,MAX iron (Requiring all level 20 iron storage), 250 recruits, 5 battle manual, 5 chain mail shirt, 5 scabbard, 5 tall boots, and 100 gems. The cool down time would be 30 days

Level 8 through 12 would be the same as 7 but be color specific with the additional cost of 1 unfarmable 4* AM specific to the color

Finally level 13 would be HOTM
Only HOTMS that have not been available for the past 3 months in any way can be obtained here. The cost
Max Food, Max Iron, Max recruits, 2 of every 3* AM including compass and gloves, 300 gems. The wait time is 45 days.

I think something like this will give people a reason to have VIP for the second builder and the monthly income of gems to use on these trainings. It also makes heroes slightly more accessible without the need to spend as endlessly on pulls while providing income for SG, but not making them overly accessible.

I do not mind that ascension material acquisition is throttled, but i feel 5* hero acquisition is throttled as well. I think this opens up the ability to at least gather a few more heroes for your stable while still making it hard to get them to A4 and making you choose which 1 gets the AM first.

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