New training camp idea that will maintain/increase your player base

A lot of people leave this game because they don’t have an avenue to get special event heros/HOTM and don’t want to gamble for the 1.3% chance on getting them which is ridiculously low. There needs to be a way to keep these players. This is it.

There should be a new level added to training camp. It will ONLY train 5* heros including event heros and HOTM. Because of this it will cost a lot of resources. It should cost—
300 gems (the right level for F2P I think)
1 random 4* ascension mat
2 random 3* ascension mats (including farmable mats)
The ABSOLUTE maximum number of recruits, iron, and food possible with ALL storage’s at level 20
Training time of 14 days

The type of ascension mat required will determine what color hero will be trained. It can’t be rerolled- what ever color is determined at time of looking what type of mats are required has to be trained. This way people can’t target a specific color.

Now for the %'s of specific hero pools–
40% Regular TC20 5* heros
35% Hero’s of the Month (Maybe last 6 months not being included with a rolling inclusion)
15% Event Hero’s
5% Seasonal Hero’s
5% Atlantis Hero’s

I really think this would be a great addition. It would keep people playing the game for the REAL chance at a rare hero that is currently unavailable. I think the training time is right- if you train 2 a month you have a 70% chance for a random HOTM. People would be on the edge of their seats waiting for this training to be completed. And for a guaranteed 5* I think ascension mats should be required. I’m not sure how many gems are accrued monthly for F2P players, but I think they should be able to do at least 1 training per month with 300 gems. What do you guys think?

And you still have the option to skip wait with gems to entice the paying players.

I don’t like the idea of being able to train a guaranteed 5* hero.

This aside, if you have a 35% chance of training a HOTM and you can train twice in a month you don’t have a 70% chance for a random HOTM each month, you have a 58% chance (1-0.65^2).


Not gonna happen
20 Characters

I quite like the idea of being able to train a guaranteed 5* especially if your also able to get a HOTM or event 5*.
As someone who can mostly do 1 X10 pull for a event and all I end up with mostly 3*. It’s a little disheartening.
Maybe they need to change the stronghold threshold up to Level 25, then you can add some more levels to the Training Camp.
Here’s what they could do for the extra levels to the Training Camp.
Level 21 - Guaranteed Classic 5*
Level 22 - Atlantis 5*
Level 23 - HOTM (Not including current HOTM)
Level 24 - Event 5*
Level 25 - Any of the above or Event 5* and being able to pick which event but not the Hero so your still guessing which hero you might get.

This is my view on this, would like to hear what anyone else thinks about this or if they have any ideas on possibly getting a guaranteed 5*.

Most probably they won’t give away event heroes in the TC. However, I think old HoTM (older than say 6 or 12 months) and Atlantis heroes would already be awesome. In particular, because old Atlantis 5* heroes like Tarlak are almost impossible to get nowadays. Last time the chance to pull one out of the three lagoon heroes was 0.2 % which means to get a specific one out of those three it takes 1500 Atlantis pulls on average. This means fifty 30x pulls or over 400,000 gems on AVERAGE (maybe 1,000,000 gems don’t suffice with some bad luck) . For F2P, C2P and even most P2W old Atlantis 5* are thus basically forever gone.

Why are new TC levels that include heroes which are currently non-trainable and/or have higher chances of pulling 5* heroes really necessary?
After hundreds of TC20 runs, players will have most or all regular 4* heroes and several 5* (useful and useless ones). So, the chance to add a new hero to the roster has become 3 %, 2 %, or even lower (especially if trash heroes like Thorne are excluded). It’s pretty frustrating when it takes months to get one single new hero that is really useful. Even the most patient player will eventually lose interest in the game if almost always it’s just another feeder hero.

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