New tournaments: SG, make wars great again!

Small Giant, please, make wars great again!!! The difference between a dedicated and serious alliance and a ■■■■■■ one will be almost the “status” only. People will compensate their alliance failures being dedicated to their own games, seeking mainly the tournaments loot, playing more selfishly and weakening the cooperation dependance and frienships.

  1. killing titans is somewhat automatic, every day it’s just about the same. It’s boring and we keep doing it only because of the loot.
  2. these new tournaments represent now a big source of items. They seem nice but also a very selfish way to play.
  3. now, wars, that are the true engine of this game, that make people create and follow strategies, truly cooperate to defeat another alliance, to analize and study the game, the glue that stitch the members together and feed friendships, they are relegated to a terciary source of items.

The remedy already exist: Make wars great again!!!

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