New top Alliance

Hello All, Our Alliance is no more. I’m here to inform everybody who wants to join me in a new Alliance of great players to pm me or leave a comment.
The goal is to be a top Alliance
Here are features :

  • Be active
  • log on, hit titans
  • chat ( to let us know your thoughts and needs)
  • have at least 30 heroes (mostly levelled up. Good for wars to have chance for good stats on titan shunts)
  • Wu kong should be among your squad or plan to have it
  • Ps : you’ll be advised for growing surely. We have advanced players in the game who will show you strategies about titan hunts, raids, most of quests, rare quests, events and challenge events.
  • you’ll be advised on how to level up your heroes with accurate chance of having special level up.
  • How to build your base and never lack of resources
  • how to have good heroes without even paying enough in the game

Here’s the Alliance guys