NEW TOOL! :Databases helping at alliance recruitment

As part of an ongoing project with the objective of alliance recruiting help, I am creating a specific database. This will be, initially, only accessible in French language. As such and in order to fill the database with the data specific to recruitment for each alliance, I have established an information sheet to collect their information, recruiting prerequisites and specificities: these sheets will be available and searchable by everyone at any time, via free access to a public cloud.
If you are interested in this project, you can contact me here or on Line, contact ID: job_alli
I hope that many of you will collaborate on this participatory and collective tool.
See you soon, Good game and good recruiting.
Ard @ nis_Le_Juste
Codir “Les Griffons”.

RECRUITMENT INFORMATION: Launch of a FREE tool dedicated to recruits and alliances!
Create, edit and view recruit profiles or alliance announcements, simply and directly via the “NURSERY RECRUITS” and “JOB_ALLI RECRUTEMENT” databases.
As a bonus, “BLACKLIST” database which identifies players with unscrupulous behavior.

User Guide:

User Guide :

For any information, contact ID Line: job_alli

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