New to the Game, which Heroes Should I work on?

Hi everyone. So Im new to the game . I downloaded a week ago cause my boss plays and now hooked lol. So basically I caved and bought enough gems to get a 10 Summon and have questions as to whether characters are good and what order to play them in.Screenshot_2019-03-02-01-35-31

@Night_Wolf Welcome to the game, and the Forum. I moved your post to its own thread so you can get advice from other players. :slight_smile:

Since you’re just starting out, I’d leave alone 5* heroes like Joon for a long time to come. They’ll eat up all of your resources, and you need to focus on getting a good mix of core heroes first.

I recommend working on leveling one of each color at the same time, and only using same-color feeders for each, so you get the 20% xp bonus for them. That’ll add up to faster progress in the long run.

It looks like this isn’t your whole roster, so it’s difficult to suggest which heroes to work on, and the best team options.

Can you post screenshots of the rest of your roster?

I also suggest you check out these resources too if you haven’t already:


Thanks so much for the help. I am attaching my whole roster. Basically I guess Im wondering if anything I have is good and what Team Order etc. Does Team Order even matter and so forth. My Boss gave me basics as to building Farms etcScreenshot_2019-03-02-01-59-51

I’d level:

First: Namahage, Bane, Belith, Gunnar, Chochin

Second: Jill or a new red, Gan Ju, Berden, Gato, Tiburtus

Third: new red, Li Xiu, Mnesseus, Valen, Gill-Ra or a new purple

For now, your teams for attack and defense are going to mostly be whatever you have leveled, but you’ll be able to start organizing and using them better in a few weeks or so.

It does on Defense, because it affects how easy or hard it is to kill your team. And the AI fires specials from left to right, so that comes into play when thinking about team order too.

And it does on Offense, when considering specials. So Gato and Friar Tuck, for instance, both affect their neighboring allies. So you’d have to consider which heroes to put next to them to get the most use out of that.


Wow ok a lot to take in and learn. I appreciate it. I dont plan on spending any more so I guess I have lots of work to do. Are any of my Heroes any good and should hang on to

Also when leveling up should I use *3 to level up or just 1s and 2s from Training

Just 1* and 2* until you have duplicate 3* and your confident you understand the training camp and summons mechanism


Yeah, definitely don’t use any 3* for leveling yet. You’ll need at least 30 heroes for War, and even unleveled 3* can be useful for that for a while.

Cool appreciate the help. Well my current Team I got drom reading this forum . Seems Joon, Tiburtus and Valen are good. I will level up the ones you said and make sure to use same color to try and build skills etc.

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Hey. That is a decent starting ground you got yourself there.

I want to give you a bit different perspective than most people, solely from my experience.

Back when I started in late September, I also pulled a lot in the beginning and very quickly got some 4 stars of each colour. I read all the forum advices about the necessity to build a solid team of maxed 3 stars first before working on 4 and 5 stars. I was stubborn to ignore them. And I did very well and not once regretted it. I landed in gold tier rides in almost no time, in November I was already able to finish advanced Morlovia. Now it’s almost 6 months later and I only have one 3 star maxed (Melia, and she came by when I already had couple 4 stars maxed). It doesn’t matter to me at all.

The 5 star I was working on was Magni and I think the key to my success was the fact that it was a fast sniper. 5 star healers or 5 star supports or 5 star aoe may not do well in those early stages, but 5 star sniper did great. After some time he was chewing through all those scary 3* freaks. Joon is 5 star sniper too. I also had Tiburtus very early in the game (he was actually the first 4 star hero I maxed) and also prioritized him over any other purple. Tib, Magni and Kelile were the key to my success, and none of them was 3 star.

Note that what I think also made my “rush” working was the fact I didn’t mind to buy occasional offers with guaranteed ascension materials. To level up 4 star and 5 star to their full potential, at some point you will be required to use items which are impossible to drop just by playing the map. They are quite rare and may hold up hero development for quite a while. If you don’t mind 10-50 $ offers once every few weeks, that may remove this issue for you as most of them comes with these ascension mats. And in no time you should be able to get to level where you can get these ascensions materials for free by finishing quests, missions etc (chance is quite low, but with little patience it happens) to further build up your development resources.

Key is also having an all team healer. Something I had no luck pulling for very long time. You are lucky to have very good 3 star all hero healer Belith, and definitely start working on her over any other green.

Again, the advice to ignore most of the new player guides is controversial and probably most people would tell you not to listen to me. I only post it because I did exactly that and it worked very well for me.

EDIT: this post is a snapshot of what I had after a month into the game: Need advice on which Red to focus (new player) My very first post on this forum :slight_smile:


I will work on Belith and I dont really want to spend but if a good pack is out I might. Also my son just used the last of my gems for a summon and got Gormek. Should i use him in place of Red I have now

Also should I use Belith or Friar Tuck as a healer

Belith. Her ability to dispel buffs will come in handy.

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Awesome what about Gormik should I use him or my Red in now

I didn’t see Gormek in your roster, but if you’ve got him, use him. I agree with Suicide ^^. Focus on those 4* heroes (using same-color feeders), Belith, and Gato or Gunnar. Gunnar is great on the map and for quests. The big bottleneck you’ll encounter is getting the materials to ascend 4* heroes to tier 4 or 5* to tier 3. The best place to get those is from rare quests, which is why some suggest getting a solid 3* team. Unfortunately, that maxed 3* team won’t help you complete the most difficult level of each quest but the 4* will.

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Learn how to lock your heroes and troopers so you don’t feed the the ones you want to keep by accident. The ? on your hero page will open up a screen with a lock symbol on it, click it on and you won’t be able to feed that hero or troop. We all lost ones we want to keep before locking them.


Great Info here, and yes don’t forget to Lock hero’s and troop’s. I almost lost a very needy troop it would have taken time to replace!

Thank you guys so much I will do that.

What Level before I can start upgrading Troops and what is the Number next to the Ascension Bars on some people I battle

Stronghold level 10 you can start upgrading troops. Keep at least 1 rainbow set of your 2 star troops. You’ll need them for challenge events.

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