New to game, why do I get raided from someone 800 points more than me

Hi, first post, been playing a few weeks, slightly addicted, in raids when I started off some were higher, some lower, I just made silver level and I’ve noticed I just keep loosing, I’m working my 3* team up, reading he great info here and tweaking things as I go but raids, I just get smashed every time by someone way higher than me, last one opponent is 3037 and I’m 2190, is this normal?

Enemies in raids are based on trophies, +/- 300 from your current trophies so you can get much weaker/stronger or as strong as you enemy.


Yes, they were probably cup dropping.


What is cup dropping please?

Here is the official explanation

and here is some discussion on it


As a new player, study the tips in my favourite guide for lots more information


Thanks primcess1, found coppersky’s guide and a few others, I’ll,start in on that one too.


Raiding is very frustrating early in the game. Until you build up a versatile bench of heroes you aren’t able to mix and match to counteract the opponent’s strengths. It’s also hard to reroll because you’re chronically short of food. Eventually it gets better.

Good luck and keep trying.


Hi, 300?

All good.
Have fun.

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Thats weird
Anyway thats also interesting

@Wolf9 is that a revenge raid? The 300 cup rule doesn’t apply then.

It looks like a revenge raid to me. Note the absence of the “Reroll” button.

Also, the +/- 300 appears to set the boundaries for opponent selection, but the actual algorithm is not just your cups +/- 300. Several of us tracked data on this earlier this year and we found that at least in the gold and platinum tiers the average (median) opponent was 60-70 cups above ones own cup total.

Yes it is a revenge raid, but I’m still in silver i believe.
I don’t do regular raids only revenge, that why i keep a strong team, the strongest of all my teams.
I’m not chasing cups, just let the defense do its job, worked so far. The cups are slowly going up and the revenges are not impossible in general (100 to 300 points ahead).
I do maybe 1 heroes chest a week.(currently sitting on 5 raids flacks. )
Have fun.

The thing about revenge raids is they are against the player. When that player attacked you there would have been less than 300 cups difference. He/she was probably a cup dropper who used a low-powered defense to lose a lot of cups and then can attack at a lower level to easily win and fill the chest. That drives their cup level up so when you get around to revenging they are much higher in cup level again.

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