New to game - Duplicate Hero's

Good Morning,

As I said in the title. I am new to game and only been playing for about a month. I’ve spent a little money to get a couple of 4* hero’s to help make the game a little easier and a bit more fun.

Now my question is what do you do with duplicate hero’s. I have 3 of one hero. Do you keep them or use them to power the main hero? I read somewhere there was going to be some sort of event or something that was going to happen with duplicates. Does anyone know what that is or was?

Just wondering what to do with them.

Thanks everyone for the assistance.

For now, keep all of your 4* and above. Keep all event and Atlantis 3* as well. Once you have been playing for a while, you’ll have a good idea which heroes suit your playing style and which ones are worth ascending materials.

Definitely keep all 4* and 5* heroes you get. For alliance wars, you need 6 teams of 5 heroes where you cannot use heroes twice. Also, some heroes can be useful if you have more than one copy of them in your team (mostly the heavy single hitters).

Oh, and another piece of advice for alliance wars: If you don’t have 30 heroes that are (at least partly) leveled up, also keep the duplicates of your 3* heroes. Better to have 3 unleveled renfelds in your last team than 3 aifes.

There is a vague rumor from beta-land that duplicate will become more than just feeders/fodder after X-mas event.

Have no clue, just that.

It has been explicitly stated by respectful forum members (I’d not point by a finger) that an update is coming where duplicated heroes would get more value in an upgrade process. Let’s wait and see.


Do they have do any type of trading system for another hero?

No clue. But my guess is that duplicate heroes could be used for some special skill improvement that is not available otherwise. Or may be to upgrade 4* to 5*. I don’t know. Just guessing and recalling what was proposed on the forum in this regard.

I think it is fairly safe to rule out a hero trading system, as it would be a huge shift/disruption to the game, which is A: Unlikely, and B: Hasn’t been rumored all over the place, and that would be unstoppable!

Upgrading 4* to 5* would be in the same category.

It sounds like an improvement in what you get by feeding duplicates to me.

@tacticalzl1, yes, keep them for now. It is even worth spending a few gems for more roster space if you need it.

For AW, you use 30 heroes, and there are credible reasons to save more than that. So until you have 30 or more leveled heroes, keep at least 30 unleveled 3* or 4* heroes.

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