New to E&P? Take a noobs advice

Play the game for fun.
Don’t rush to the end game, because you can’t rush to the end game.
Enjoy levelling your 3 and 4* characters.
Enjoy building your resources and buildings.
Have I mentioned not to rush.
Enjoy those first raid victories.
Enjoy beating on titans.
But most importantly…

Find an alliance that works with you, enjoy your strange new friends in common on the internet.

Play for Fun, and not necessarily to win all the time.

Lastly. Take a break from the game. Engage in the world, hug your kids, play with your pets, go sit and watch the stars.

Stay safe this holiday season. And spare a thought for your EMS families and law enforcement agencies tha try to keep us safe.



Allllllllllll of the above

Excellent stuff @EMTBear

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