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New to Alliance side of game, been playing “solo” warring. Level 42, defense power 3550, 1800 trophies. Need some guidance and coaching, on at odd hours, due to work.


Hello @SirKnight, welcome to the forums

Well, if you are looking to join an alliance then Sixth Element would love to have you as a part of their crew. Very friendly and experienced players who are always helping and guiding their fellow teammates. Here is a link to the recruitment thread if you are interested. :slight_smile:

Being a solo player is also nice, especially for wars because you don’t need to coordinate much. But the downside is that you don’t get to hit higher level titans which gives you all those important AMs for leveling your heroes. :slight_smile:

Regardless of what you decide the forum is a great place to get any kind of help and advice, so always feel free to ask away whatever questions or doubts you may have. :slight_smile:


Check us out at Strange Circles. We are friendly and enjoy coaching our members. We use discord and Facebook optionally

Most of us in our alliance members work.and have kids so we adapted a war strategy to make sure everyone is able to contribute around their schedule. One spot left be glad to have you aboard. If interested check us out we have line but it’s not required. Check us out at


Hi, @SirKnight. We have members who LOVE teaching and guiding at The Padawans. We understand odd hours since we’re an international alliance with members scattered around the globe. Mostly 9* and 10* titans, if you’re comfortable with those. Come give us a look.

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The Order of the Lost would love to take you in to our fold. We have members stretching many timezones and the UK so someone is usually on.

You’ve come to the right place. Lots of knowledgeable people… can help with any aspect of the game. :slight_smile: good luck on your journey!

I would love to have you join the Locker family.

Let me know if you would like to join us. I think I need to lower the cup level, but that is no problem.

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Come and give us a try at U.K. Guild. A really nice supportive alliance

If you wanna be part of the Forest family, then take a look (forest gnomes gone wild), we are an international bunch, no stress but we love to win, funny and helpful too of course, but i hope all alliances are. :fox_face:

Hi SirKnight, my name is Reaper and I’m the leader of an alliance called Coffee and Donuts. Great group of teammates who kill titans and win wars. We range in levels from 73 to 29. We are killing 8* titans at the moment. We use line but it’s not a requirement. We encourage each other with good advice and wisdom. No drama allowed. All we ask is hit the titan daily and if opted to war use all your war hits. Chat and ask questions as much as you want. Come on down for the Coffee and stay for the free Donuts.

Hi Sir Knight! I bow before you and offer you a spot in The Marley Army! Fun loving no drama well established Alliance killing 8* Titans and fighting AW. Core of experienced players. Have 4 openings so bring a buddy! Good luck…marge32179

Hi @SirKnight, please check out STRONGHOLD WINTERFELL if you’re interested and still looking.

Hi @SirKnight, we would love for you to try us out at Demon Queens & Kings. We are a mid-tier alliance with many players at your level or higher, and we would be happy to help you gain more knowledge about the game. We are a quiet, family-friendly group but also hungry to become a more competitive one, packed with active players growing each day. We are also spread out around the globe so you should see someone online for almost all parts of the day.

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