New Titan?


Is the Armored Hydra one of the new rare titans?



I’ve never seen it before; I’d say “yes!” :wink:


Really cool titan, I like it! I wonder what attributes it has?


oNo it’s just a new standard variant. Rare titans say “rare”, have an additional shield logo, and have a bonus item reminder.


pretty and ugly at once lol :grin:


badger badger badger…


Anyone suffering from ophidiophobia is going to get the shivers from this one. :wink:


At least its something different to beat on for a change!


That “fangs of agony” special seems like it was specifically designed to hurt players bringing Wu to the fight.

Those Devious Devs…


Since these titans have appeared, not one bonus item acquired in all our attempts… seriously, a disappointment considering the rarity of the items, the rarity of the titans, the rarity of opportunities in special events. It’s one fricken item and one needs six of them to ascend a 5 star hero. Is it any wonder people are walking away from this game?


We just finished our rare titan this is wath i got literaly 30 minuts ago


You didn’t get the telescope from killing the unicorn, but it’s certainly fantastic loot! Congrats!


I realy dont care to be onest about the telescope as long i m having a 4* ascension item :smiley: