New titan structure

I’ve been thinking about and analyzing the new structure.

50% more attacks per day.
About 50% more titan hit points.

You need to log in twice a day to get a full compliment of attacks in. This results in less attacks to the titan than needed
More items get used because it takes more attacks to kill titans.
Higher damage ranking output.

In our clan, we failed to defeat a seven * that we usually wouldn’t have had an issue with.

I’m just not seeing this balance out as a quality of life improvement. I like the game and am always excited to see updates but this one has failed to deliver thus far.

Other experiences?


I was excited to see they reduced the charge time to 4 hrs, but that was immediately deflated when they said they upped the titan health points. I had a feeling what you described would end up being the case. Sadly it seems true.


The 4 hr recharge time is great and all but that extra HP on titans really does suck. It makes us spend more time attacking the titans with no real advantage. It requires us to use way more items than we did before and makes it harder to kill a titan if someone can’t go online within 12 hours. They need to either decrease the HP by 25% or change it back to the way it was with 6 hr recharge time.

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I agree. It means we have to play more frequently and then are hampered by alliance memvers eho may only play once a game.
When I saw update I figured it would be a wash or slightly benefit players, but it has been a net negative.

I’ve been comparing notes with other players, and the Titan HP’s are not static:

Only two 5* were duplicated. I also note the wide differences in the numbers, but don’t know what causes it. Rather than cry “no fair”, I’m kinda liking these dynamic numbers.


I think the titans always had different health totals so I don’t think that is new.

Looks like our clan is losing to a six today. First one since I joined. :frowning:

Good luck on your 6*…May you pull a rabbit out of your hat when most needed. :wink:

The greater number of titan flags was a player requested feature. People wanted to be able to hit more often so there was more to do. They probably boosted titan health to maintain game balance. Definitely understand about the items though! These new titans hit hard!

We didn’t kill the 6*. Top 25 alliance.

I think it is a case of unintended consequences and perhaps not enough playtesting. I have no doubt that balancing requested features with standard gameplay is quite difficult. This one is just a miss from my point of view. The negative impact outweighed the benefit.

I do find it interesting that the damaged grades didn’t appear to scale with the hp of the titans. That could have been a benefit, but not having been able to actually kill a titan has thwarted my ability to judge that thus far.

What has happened with the titans is that while the hits charge fasted, the CAP for hits hasn’t been increased, therefore the maximum number of hits we can hold at one time is still three, but instead of taking 18 hours to charge, it now takes 12. For people who are used to logging and hitting a titan once per day, using all three hits, the previous system worked, since it took almost the entire day for hits to charge up, and no charge time was “wasted” while the hit cap has been reached. With the shorter cool down time, but the hits still capped at three, a player who can’t log in regularly once every 12 hours will essentially waste potential energy regeneration time while their energy is capped.

Ideally, with the four hour charge time each player is expected to hit a single titan five or six times before it is dead in comparison to the previous three or four and the health has been raised to take that into account. What the new system fails to take into account is that currently the titan hit cap is too low to accommodate these five to six hits for players who cannot regularly use up their titan hits, which then leads to alliances failing to kill titans they previously could handle.


We just killed our first new 6*. We struggled before to do so. The new system is so far working for us (though I would welcome an increase in cap, of course!)

Yeah, I’m specially concerned about the “skipping strategy”. When we skipped so everyone started with 3 energies, they would be able to hit he Titan 6 times. Now, doing the same thing will let us hit it 9 times. I’m afraid it might not be enough or that people won’t use all the energy available.

I think the max 3 energy could use a increase as well, so people can be a bit more casual as before.

Liking at the posts here, I agree that raising the capacity for alliance energy would be a great solution. 5 would be great, but even 4 would help a lot.

That doesn’t fix the point of using more items for the same reward though.

It seems my clan is getting back on track. It hasn’t been that popular of a change but people are adjusting. The main complaint still seems to be rewards. Someone did 170k damage and got squat while I had a low eating and got a four star item.


I have a problem, we just formed new alliance with 9 peoples but we only get one star Titans even though we kill them easily. It has been six times now for 1 stars, is Titan level based on membership? If so then we just need more members…

Keep killing and try to get more members. At some point, it flips over to 2*. You will get there. :slight_smile:

No good, 25 members, my members are all high level players and getting frustrated with low star titans and not enough time for all to participate because of easy kills! The new rules suck!

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