New titan species

I saw similar ideas but not the same across the forum.
Alliances have long way of improvement, and often very long stay on for example 8-9* (like my alliance). And face same 5-6 titan of different types/colours which mostly dragons (and sometimes rare titans). And it’s little boring tbh. Will be great to have different looking titans of same colour. For example each colour will have 5 different titans species (not necessary different skills, just visual look). There are so many mythical and modern monsters that can be titans in this game.
And it will be then not so repetitive as it right now. Because right now it’s dragon, dragon, dragon, Gorgon, dragon, dragon, Kraken, dragon dragon.

I suggest an Alien Invasion. Like any respectable invasion the Dragoons display as usual but their life drops faster than expected hit by hit and then the dragon explode and presents a group of Aliens like in the film Aliens.

The surprise would be double because immediately after the Dragoon would be killed the purple flags would be restored to those have used them as much as they used up to three.

The ally would be informed by the change of the Titan’s Icon that something new happens. Every dragoon might or might not keep an Alien inside and just the skilled players would be able to notice that the dragoon life is dropping at an unusual rate… Oh, oh!

Another way to introduce a new kind of Titans is summoning a vulcanos from which the Inferno’s Devils came out and take over Titans. In this scenario, the changes are less surprising but more connected with the game plot.

Or, new kind of Titans could emerge from the deep whirlpool of Atlantide as marine Monsters or ghost pirates.

Well if they come from the whirlpool there must be a parallel universe as the whirlpool on my account looks different almost like the sunken city

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Interesting, could you reply with a screenshot? Thanks

Of course not a problem

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Yes, it is Atlantide City and it is emerging. So the Vulcano remains the quick way to add new Titans. Obviously, I like the Aliens idea but I recognize that it is a out-of-state in this game.

However Stargate sci-film was able to mix up ancient, fantasy and science. In this game also a portal is used to deliver new heroes.

Discover an abbandoned mine is also another trick that D&D master were using to open a new adventure. Vulcano or mine, are both underworlds

good day. I propose to add to the game a new rare titanium. Its characteristics are titanium chameleon. the color of the reflection is determined randomly when it appears. the reward for an additional attempt is also randomly determined.

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