New titan species / designs / ideas

Or, new kind of Titans could emerge from the deep whirlpool of Atlantide as marine Monsters or ghost pirates.

Well if they come from the whirlpool there must be a parallel universe as the whirlpool on my account looks different almost like the sunken city

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Interesting, could you reply with a screenshot? Thanks

Of course not a problem

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Yes, it is Atlantide City and it is emerging. So the Vulcano remains the quick way to add new Titans. Obviously, I like the Aliens idea but I recognize that it is a out-of-state in this game.

However Stargate sci-film was able to mix up ancient, fantasy and science. In this game also a portal is used to deliver new heroes.

Discover an abbandoned mine is also another trick that D&D master were using to open a new adventure. Vulcano or mine, are both underworlds

good day. I propose to add to the game a new rare titanium. Its characteristics are titanium chameleon. the color of the reflection is determined randomly when it appears. the reward for an additional attempt is also randomly determined.

I wouldn’t mind seeing 3-4 new titans added. Maybe with season 3.

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I wanted 15/16* soonish but got castrated just for bringin it up lol

I’m sure player’s wouldnt mind new 5 & 6* or lower titans though. Anything to prevent a challenge…

I think they should always have max titan level that is a challenge to kill , Doesn’t even need to be stronger , could be a titan that rotates colour during the hit . I may actually post in suggestions

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Our most recent 14* didnt even make it 6 hrs if that paints any kind of a picture of where the game is at right now at the top…

I just want more variety. Maybe a Centaur or an evil Gnome added to the mix.

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More variety and different specials would be nice, even if they’re not going to introduce more difficulty.

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We have all these new event heroes that just came out and will be getting more new ones with season 3. I thought maybe a few new titans to mix things up would be good. They could do like 10-14* and make their skills counter the newer heroes. It would require players to change strategy without adding I higher level titan.

I’m not sure if there’s any plans to introduce new concepts for Titans. If not, I’d like to make a few suggestions. During seasonal events, possibly introduce “holiday” type Titans. During the Easter Event, how about some sort of a rabbit Titan? Halloween Event maybe a Pumpkin type? When the alliance attacks, the more damage inflicted, the more it starts to look like a Jack-O-Lantern. During the Christmas Event. How about a Titan that looks like an angry Christmas Tree? Just a few random ideas. Feel free to discuss any further ideas.


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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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Good point, more titan variety wouldn’t hurt… we’re hunting 8 and 9* and we’re always getting the same titans over and over… why not make it 5 or 6 titan species for each color and star count? I remember being impressed the first time I fought a 3* primal lizard, I’d like to have the same feeling from time to time…

so we fight titans every day, it’s a big part of what we call the “daily grind”. That’s why I feel like SG should add some diversity to it. At least, come up with more designs, so you don’t have the impression to fight the same chaos spider over and over again.
I was hoping that the return of 13-14* titans would bring along new designs, but alas…
I also read nothing about titans in the 2020 sneak peek topics…
I’m pretty sure it’s not a big feature (from a development perspective), yet it is one that would keep things fresh a little, for long-time players like me.

I agree completely. And it’s not just titans - for a game that brings in the $$ like this one, you’d think they could keep it fresh.

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I agree with you too. That said, it’s not the aesthetic that counts, it doesn’t change the rewards of the titan in any way. But I have to admit that it would add a little variety and it would be nice to discover new kinds of titan.:blush:

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