New titan record?

I believe the previous record was by E&P books sitting at 635k but that may have been beaten


Can you share the team you did it with and the items? I think scrolls of alteration were crucial there.

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Unbelievable score!

Drop the names of the used heroes and items or I press charges for cheating ! :smiley:


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Haha sure, decided to use a red team as opposed to the regular blue as you can get a much higher defence down and elemental defence down combination


By the way, Oceanus is at 3/70 and Zenobia is at 4/65 so there is clearly room for improvement

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Priest, your an absolute animal. Congrats. Yes, this is by far the record hit. :muscle:


Very nice score.
But, for my point of view, only scores against a 14 * can be mentioned as a record


There are different records for overall and 14* 5.72M titans. The one Priest achieved was the overall.

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Just after @JekylandHyde stepped from the game :slight_smile: Congrats!

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Maybe he’ll come back now?

Hopefully :eyes: but I doubt it

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Sure… But i think the jekyl record was against a small titan… I recall it being discussed recently with his quitting.

Honestly… Getting the tiles and cascades… Takes skill and luck regardless of titan size.

What star is that? 14* only baby ones don’t count

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I hope you let the rest of your alliance hit the titan first :joy:

For once I agree with you and I don’t even like ham and cheese

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Sorry, I along with all the other people that have attempted it, must have missed the rule that stated the record only counts on the current highest star titan :melting_face:

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Yea, don’t mind him. He’s just built to be a contrarian and a negative Nancy.


Congrats! That’s a lot of damage! And a great team.

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