New Titan Ideas (benefiting AoE "attack on all enemy" heros)

Not sure if anyone has posted on this topic, but here it goes…

First, titan battles are getting a little monotonous. There is one giant monster of various elemental colors, and I have my red team for green titans, blue team for red titans, etc. Most include Wu Kong or Tarlak. But, basically the same heros get replayed for the 5 various titan elemental colors. Secondly, great heros that are AoE (specifically “attack to all enemies”) are typically not as useful against the titan, unless they provide a decent buff.

My thought would be to introduce titans that have 1) multiple attack points on the titan 2) and/or varying elemental strengths on the same titan. For example, you have a 7-Headed Hydra Dragon and each head could have a different element and/or a different special.

The benefits could be for the Alliance is that you could coordinate attacking specifics parts of the titan, or you could utilize AoE “attack on all enemy” heros and blast all 7 heads. For example if you have a head that healed the 7 headed dragon that was elemental holy, perhaps your alliance would choose to focus on that until it was “cut off”, before focusing on the next most damaging special.

I just think it would make many more heros more usefully outside of wars or world play. I currently am not leveling any AoE “attack on all enemy” heros and it has mainly to do with their ineffectiveness against titans. There are some exceptions like Isarnia (-44% def down), but not enough to make them choice heros to level.

I second the AoE stuff >🦊<

I really like the idea of the hydra that would be fun to co-ordinate on :slight_smile: But something to make less used heroes more incorporated would be great. I have so many that sit their as a sub for war!

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