New Titan Idea

So I had a thought, I looked at my inventory to see that I have a lot of 4* ascension items but I don’t have many blades and tomes 0 of each. Then I thought about how to get some and then I realized that there is no rare titan that has a chance to drop a tome of tactics or a Damascus blade. So what’s ur thoughts as to what kind of creature these titans could be. I really want a dragon, a titan, a golem, banshee, sphinx, cyclops etc.

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A golem that is non-elemental (no weak or strong color) would be an interesting addition to the rare titan rotation. Since it has no element to reflect, the defense on it would probably have to be boosted. Alternatively, you could make it permanently immune to status effects… that would be terrible.

Of course, the rare titans do not drop that many 4* items, so I would not consider them a major source of 4* items.

Neat idea. Thanks for bringing it up :slight_smile: