New titan equals New flags

Think it would be very helpful if the appearance of new titans replenished all attack flags. Here’s a few reasons why.

  • titan appears under time taken for FULL flag replenishments
  • alliance is struggling to move past a certain level titan
  • players are F2P and dont or cant buy flasks
  • players either have no flasks or wants use on rare titans only

I’m assuming level of titans are infinite, so this would actually benefit everyone yet at the same time still allow top alliances to continue to show there superiority.

The more common version of this request is for flags to be refilled specifically when killing the Titan, which has a master thread here: Auto Refill Titan Flags When Titan Defeated

The counterpoint to these suggestions is that the time constraints on Titans are entirely intentional — they’re meant to make it challenging to sustain and advance in Titan levels, since you have to kill the Titan early enough to have flags for the next one, and sometimes have to decide to let a Titan go to recharge.

You can dislike or argue against that game design element, but it’s clear it was the intention.

Flasks aren’t typically for sale directly, only as part of package offers, and even then in very limited quantity. They’re very rare by design.

They’re not, they currently go to 12*, and 13/14* have existed before but were removed, and will likely return again at some point this year.


@zephyr1 Thanks for the info. Didnt realize the idea implemented behind it.

Also, love see input on my next post lol


I’d also like a chance to increase Titan flags to 4…extremely rare like Talent Grid resets.

Would be good in something like.
Reach titan level 9 or 10 and get an extra titan flag type of thing.

Or account level based, reach level 45 to/or 50 and get an extra titan flag.

Both work towards helping towards those tougher titans.

Ok is there a pattern to appearance? Know it’s been asked. We barely killed one and next one not for 12hrs. Were as we killed the last one and it popped up in 3…

Yes, it’s a 23 hour cycle.

The Titan appears, and you have 22 hours to kill it. If you kill it faster, the timing doesn’t change.

There’s a 1 hour gap between Titans, and then the next one appears. If the Titan was already dead, this gap is rolled into the countdown timer for the next one.

It’s always 23 hours between Titan appearances, which is why their appearance time shifts 1 hour each day.


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