New Thorne buff

Is thorns new 15% attack special buff still make him worst in class 5* blue and not worth the 6 scopes? Just wondering peoples thoughts he is getting close to being a multi target lianna…

Yes he’s still bad

I think they need to buff his attack stat because it’s pretty bad,

Or make the damage more than 15% increase


I don’t think this will change anything. He’ll still be a rather big piece of meat with low tile damage and an uninteresting, average speed special.

And yes: still the worst 5* blue.

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But he’s MY piece of meat. I was hoping they’d add a cape or some other special power… :grin:


do you think he is better or worse then Perseus for raids?

Thorne better on defence, Perseus better on attack IMO.


I figured that much. But they are probably both worse on defence then any of the other regular 5* blue options. Richard, isnaria, Magni

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Actually, both Isarnia and Magni are kinda like glass cannons in defense. I have neither, but fear them not when I come across them :wink:

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Good point, I don’t have them but think they would be awesome for offence isnaria is like a better grimm who i use. And Magni is a killing monster that also keeps your team alive! I would be happy with either one. I’m currently looking for A great blue to take the place of my lv 80 Toth… On defence. Richard would be the most useful defensively as a tank. But he is no Magni! Lol.

My current 5* blue’s
Perseus, Thorn


I actually have strarted to love Thorne, as is, before the extra 15%. He kinda sucks on his own, but combines well with others. Specifically Grimm

When trophy raiding I typically triple up on a single color. Example: When fighting Ares I use Thorne, Grimm and Perseus/Magni.

Once all three are charged I fire Grimm first to def reduce three enemies. I don’t aim at my primary target, but next to him or her. Then I fire Perseus/Magni at my primary target. If he is close to being killed I target Thorne at the same enemy that Grimm was targeted at. This way I often get 2 kills at the same time. If the target will not be killed by Thorne’s splash damage I target directly.

The 3 way effect of Grimm combined with the flexibility of the splash damage from Thorne makes this possible.

So my triple blue team is always Grimm and Thorne. Perseus and Magni are the ones I swap around depending on the defense tweaks capabilities.

If I am running 2 blues, 100%, Thorne and Grimm.

FYI, all the blues I listed above are maxed in my hero pool.


Wow, thanks for that advice! I will be trying that out. Its good i can have some hope for my thorn! My perseus will stay at 70, my thorn is currently at 60 and i have the materials to max assend any new 5* blue i don’t have yet. My plan is to pull 10x3 and take it from there once its the first blue legendary of may.

If i don’t get any 5* ill probably assend thorn and swap him in for my lv 80 toth as tank.

Thorne was one of my first 5*. I loved him then, because he was my only 5* blue. As I moved up I stated to regret him. One of the earlier game versions gave him a buff and I liked him again. Then I got Perseus and regretted him. Then I played with Perseus for a wile and liked him again. Then I found the Grimm combo and liked home more. Then I got Magni leveled up and did not care about him. Then I played Magni for a while and started to like Thorne again… etc.

My love of Thorne is a roller coaster. Lol. But I “think” I have landed on love, or at least “extreme like”.


Thorne’s special doesn’t bring much to the table, but the damage alone is considerable. I’ve had my ■■■ handed to me quite a few times by him as he is rather difficult to quickly dispose of (unlike Azlar, for instance).

Out of the heroes who hit a single target for 100% and two adjacent for 50% Thorne’s damage is bested only by Lepus and Musashi, who are MUCH easier to kill (Musashi’s damage is a little lower, but he’s faster so that makes up for that).

Skills that deal a bit lower damage from other heroes are more valuable (Richard and Sargasso are close), but that’s why Thorne is so tanky.

I think the good thing about him is that while he doesn’t bring any utility, at least his damage doesn’t suffer for his tankiness (special damage, his tile damage IS bad which makes him lackluster for titans). Compared to Elkanen, for instance, whose damage (special and tile damage) is way down on the low spectrum as a trade-off for sub-par tankiness (Thorne is tankier).

I may be wrong, but to me it seems that Thorne is not that bad of a hero. He could use a little oomph, but there are heroes who are worse off and aren’t good at anything. Elkanen, Owl, for instance.

And to be honest with you, personally I’d rather have Thorne than Perseus.


I totaly agree with you I will leave Perseus at 70 forever i have played around with him a lot and even on aeres tanks i prefer to bring in Grimm, kiril, cadamon.
Who I will assend over Thorn if i get.
Richard. Tank
Magni. Between tank and my alby
Isnaria. Wing
Alasie. Not sure…

This is to replace my toth on defence.
Any thoughts? To go with all max

Where would you put Thorne in War Defense if you had to use him? Would you use him?

Unless they fix the problem with Slow mana speed in war ( I have a few suggestions on forums), Thorn’s average mana speed is a huge drawback with all the good 5* fast mana heroes with multiple effects. In war fast mana speed is king.

Decrease Thorn’s damage a lot and make it VERY fast mana speed with Splash damage. Similar to the Master Lupus buff. But very fast to make up for Thorn’s low board damage.

Then I would ascend him.

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The problem is that his attack stat is so low, you can’t really feel the percentage boost.

If they’re going to keep the attack stat low (and his tile damage so woefully unlegendary), I’d recommend busting the percentage through the roof. Crank it up to Lianna-like proportions and see how his sword swings then on beta.


SG needs to increase Thorn Mana Speed to VERY Fast, otherwise HE will be SITTING on the bench for life!!!

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Where do you check what hero’s got buffed or something?

Yeah sad for a 5*…

My only one too

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