New Teltoc Family

So as this game updates and things change, I can’t help but theory craft as I get new heroes to play with.

In the last challenge event, KoA, I pulled Guinevere, a long time want for me as 90% of my defense team strategy has been “Kashhrek is my tank, who fits behind him?” And quite frankly my yellow heroes are just lacking overall.

As I’ve been learning the game and researching strong defense team strategies, I’ve been wondering how I can try the “Flank Guin with 2 purples” strategy. I think the best fits are Guardian Panther and Ursena (although I wish she were average rather than slow). I have Ursena, and knowing Teltoc is coming up soon, I figured Guardian Panther is at least a possibility for me to acquire soon.

Just yesterday, I was wondering since Avalon got a family buff, if Small Giant would give Teltoc a family buff. And when I hopped on the forum like an hour ago, low and behold, someone posted info from beta about them getting a healing/defense buff! (curious if they’ll upgrade the Atlantis buff as healing/defense is a strictly better boost than just defense).

Obviously since teams are for 5 heroes, I can’t have all three families getting the 2 hero boost (Guin from Avalon, Ursena from Atlantis, and Panther from Teltoc). And I’m not sure which heroes (in a perfect world where we get to choose which heroes we pull) would fit best on the wings for this Panther-Guin-Ursena setup. My first though was Tarlak and Misandra (Getting another family buff from Lagoon) as their abilities seem to stack decently, but I wanted to poll the community on this.

As a long time DnD player/rpg player in general, I love theory crafting stuff like this (as you can see from all of my posts so far). So please any ideas you guys have, hit me with!

If it matters (since I do want to work within some realm of reality) my current defense team is:

Lianna 4.40 - Ariel 3.70 - Kashh 4.70+13 - Gravemaker 3.70 - Sartana 4.30

I’m curious if any of the family buffs are really worth it to try and build around too as 5% doesn’t seem like a defining increase.

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