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I’m still new to being a leader of our alliance. I would like your opinion about having new teams reaching level 12 and joining the war? Presently I asked them nicely to wait to participate in the war until they build a stronger team/teams. Most do or don’t then realize after the fact of seeing the teams we are up against and opt out next time. Some just ignore me and yes I’ve booted them off for not just staying in but just ignoring all posts directed to them and not responding what so ever. Am I wrong of to ask this? We almost have a full alliance. Half seasoned and other half are all new. Please give me some advice. Much appreciated.

I think you don’t need players who don’t read messages and don’t say anything. They will be a problem in the future if you’ll want to apply some war strategy. It’s also frustrating when you say “we let this titan go” but some players hit anyway, titan escapes and they don’t have flags for the next one.

Alliance is for teamwork and collaboration. Lone wolves must be booted.


It’s up to the leader to set the tone and rules of the alliance. Some alliances are casual, others competitive. Some very liberal, others more controlled. There is no good or bad way. Treat people with respect and do it your way.

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I think you’re doing the right thing. An alliance needs to co-operate if you want it to be successful. These types of players you mention will only become a ball & chain around your ankle. Leadership is not easy & it requires some hard decisions.

More consideration should go towards your existing players who are putting in the right effort.

If a player is not using their flags without good reason, then it’s

You want your alliance to grow, but you don’t want any flat tyres.

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When a player reaches level 12, they are forced to participate in their first war as a sort of shark-tank tutorial. They are unable to opt out until the next war.

If you are kicking people out for participating in war at level 12, you are in the wrong.

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I believe that if we’ve welcomed a new player into our alliance, then we’ve invited them to participate in the wars as well.

We always explain to them that they’ll be easy targets and likely score very few points in most wars.

On the other hand, they will be offering a valuable contribution by using their young teams to do the clean up on weakened opponents, where we don’t want to spend a valuable flag.

To my mind, the most important reason to include them in the wars is because it’s great for bonding with the other members and an excellent learning experience.


We do it the same way. And sometimes our little members are the most important, for flipping the board when the last team standing has only 1 or two heroes left, for getting the necessary points for a win (one time we won with 8 points ahead, the last 12 points were collected by a 2.5k member)…

They’re growing and learning and, as I said, important.

We implemented a rule that in the first hour our weaker players attack, so they have the possibility to attack weaker targets and those targets are not taken by stronger players. Works well.

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