New talents shown on card


I am now seeing the first hero’s that have 1 or more levels in raids.
Is it possible to see what people have improved on the cards? Now you just see the ‘regular’ special. To make a judgement if I want to take on the fight or not, it would be helpfull to see what increases there are on a herocard before attaking.

seperate tab :slight_smile:

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Sure maybe some would like to see (+xx) by each stat just to see how much stronger the heros than normal without having to compare cards constantly but outside of that it looks this idea is covered already


Thnx guys.
I will go back and clean my glasses, get me a 4 gallons of coffee from Italy and check again.


I said the same thing yesterfay that you did in your OP. You’re not the only one that has suggested an existing feature and I’m sure we’ll see more as time goes on

@Kerridoc @Rook

Think thread can be closed


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