New Talent Grid ascension system issue

Maybe someone did the calculation but here is something from me.

Let’s assume we will have one event every week to gain emblems. In the event we have two classes out of 8. This means that once a month we will get 18 emblems for a class. If we receive another 12 emblems for the same class out of chest loots including color chest Titan battles and War chests then this means that every month a F2P player will receive 30 emblems. In order to fully ascend a 5* hero you need 1515 let’s say 1500. So 1500 divided by 30 totals 50 months this is over 4 years. I will say that this is wrong seriously wrong. E&P please fix this I would suggest you either drop the required emblems 4 times or increase the drop rate by 4 times (1 year for F2P is me being realistic where you have offers for the customers ready to pay and make this for 3 months instead of an year).

Please think about it or I foresee lots of frustrated players quitting the game.


Somebody else allready made your calculation and point. Ill link you.

Here you go: Hero's class - effects on raiding

Like we had a lot of players quitting when the emblems didn’t drop at all.

I am almost certain that at this point, the game staff completely ignores the posts like this one. Neverending complaints from players who threat that they gonna quit because XYZ drop/summon chance etc. is too low.

They added this change only because there were already thousands of people with maxed rosters that had nothing to look forward to in space of hero developing. Here, now they delivered that, to allow many more months of grinding. Last thing SG ever had in mind was to create a game where everyone would have everything maxed out in 3 months. You would not enjoy such a game AT ALL.

It’s not like you must have a maxed out hero talents to do anything. It is just an extra dressing.

I fully agree with you! I am not saying that this feature is not something positive for me is the other way around and I plan/play to stay in the game but as a clan leader I already have a team mate that quit just because of this. He was C2P when I did this calculation he just said enough quit the clan and I see he is offline for 3 days already.

My post here is to alert E&P staff @Petri for this negative effect caused by the fact that F2P player will need 4 years to max a 5* and i have an example of player that already quit. For C2P player it will be something in between 2 and 3 years. Keep in mind that we all have more than 1 Hero from the same class.

This is simply my 2 cents. Again i offer solution in my post. And by the way adding emblems in the VIP is a cool idea but also keep in mind if the new buildings are not introduced soon the VIP for advanced players is useless.


Update from development team about emblem drop rate and intentions for game development:

This was not available when I posted. Thank you !

You’re welcome! They just posted it a little bit ago.

Actually this is a very long time this game loses the element of pleasure

I really believe 3 months as F2P to gain 1500 emblems is the goldy lock zone and if you want to speed up there are offers for you. For me this will be win win.

probably some inpatient C2P and F2P will hate this comment of mine. But if it is to fast then it will become boring this new feature.


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As I said in my comment, you do not need fully maxed hero to enjoy the game. We did not have talents at all, and game was completely playable. Just stop with this “either I am fully maxed or I quit”. Your friend from alliance was very childish when they did that.

Besides, we are all in the same boat. You don’t have fully maxed heroes but the people you are going to fight neither.

Some people play to be the best it could be in their Alliance, country, globally or in league of their own and this is their mental set it is not something that they can overcome. For them it is a must to have their heroes maxed. I am casual and calm player but this is me we are all different and my type of personal is not common in the game i would say that the rather common in the game are the impatient and spontaneous which because of that can quit.

Yep we all are in the same boat :slight_smile:

It’s funny, because if maxing was easy, the same people will complain again that they already have everything max and there’s nothing else to work on.

I’d suggest these people to focus the same determination on their career or any real life hobby. Leave E&P to the slow grind it’s supposed to be.

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So you lost a player because your starting calculation was off by 50%

There are two class quests a week.

Next time better wait until you see what is happening before giving out information to your clan members. :wink:

When information is not available you do educated guess. In this case 36 from quests plus 14 (I doubt that randomly from everything else ) Total of 50 emblems per month. This is 30 months roughly i would say 3 years. So one year faster. YEYyyy yohooo i feel lucky I guess my educated guess drive him away :slight_smile:

Man I feel bad i drove him away with my one year of set i will go and jump off some cliff :slight_smile:

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