New Survival Game Mode

I have long had an idea for a new game mode, I don’t know if it will interest you, but I will express and be grateful if you consider it.
Now the game has quests and locations that have a certain number of waves: from 3 to 5.
For many strong players who have long been playing quests is not difficult. Most of them are auto-attacked. And you can add a mode that will be interesting to everyone, and the old players will return the desire and excitement to the game, will give a new interest.
I think it would be interesting to do a quest / tournament in which there would be much more waves! For example 50. On each wave, the units will become stronger and stronger, making it difficult for any player to pass. In order not to draw new units, you can use current heroes as units on each wave. and start with fletchers and tudans and finish at the last levels of Hel and Delilah, for example.
And new players could pass (depending on the ability to play and set of characters) 3-5 waves, players with 3 * heroes could pass, for example 12-17 waves, with 4 * - 25-30, with 5 * - 40-45 waves. And only the most inventive and strong in the sets of heroes players could pass more, up to 50 (more can be done).
The reward for completing this quest must be tied to the number of completed levels. The more you walk - the better the reward, the more experience you will get. Those. even in the case of a lost quest on, for example, the 34th wave, the player will receive experience and an appropriate reward. Make it so that you can complete this quest many times. You can complete this quest as a mini-tournament. Where it will be important, how far I can do it. If there is an equality in the levels covered, for example, 2 players could reach 47, then watch who made it faster. Considering the difference between the players and the fact that they can get a different number of waves, it is possible to make the cost of entry to this tournament - ALL world energy (for each their own, respectively) and make the amount of experience gained so that it is commensurate with the experience obtained in ordinary map locations .

I briefly described my idea and it is very promising and there are many ways of its development and study. if it interests you, I could devote more time to it and offer different options for organizing this game mode.

Artem farenheit789

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