New summoning portals

Summoning portals which would allow us to choose the hero u want by lets say a new summoning portal that requires 500 gems and a super summoning portal where u would need a 1000 gems +1m food and 1m iron to have a chance at 6* and 7* heroes with a guaranty of a 4* on the minimum.


Just no

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Stickied for devs to ban nap iwannaportal

Why would this be better than the current existing system? Make your case. :wink:

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Its not to replace but to add on more possiblities

Hi Rook. Just my thoughts,wouldn’t it be nice to have one more, for those people who have miss or say for new player to have a chance to have past monthly and event Hero’s :yum:

You can’t just add 6 and 7* heroes. A bigger diversity of 4 and 5*, yes, why not; but heroes with more stars would lead to a massive exodus of paying players, who rightly would feel fooled.

Nevertheless a new type of summoning portals or coins could be a great idea: e.g. portal that could only be used if you had really bad luck and are at level 25 without any 4* or if you did 20 summons in a row with only 3*. Or coins for the elemental or special summoning portal.


It would be nice but think about it look how hard it is to get a 5* one. Just my thoughts

Like i said my ideas need refinement, what about new elemental heroes like black and whte color heroes, Instead of 6* and 7* heroes with new abilities.

How about you tell us why instead of throwing out random ideas you think are cool


adding more colors won’t work. first, with a 5 man team, you would always be short 2 colors at the very least. second, the game board would get incredibly difficult to use with the added gems.
the best option is to create more heroes in each * class. variety will keep it from ending up with the top hundred all using the same 6 or 7 heroes.
if anything where to happen with colors, i would say maybe (only after serious testing) the possibility of double colored heroes. a fire/dark, or nature/light, kind of thing where if you didn’t have a nature hero, but had a nature/light then the gems would still do damage. but even that would probably run into some serious challenges.

Why not change the portal to make a 24 hr time frame where you cannot get the same hero. So you do a pull and you get a hero and the four the next 24 hours in that same portal you will not get that same hero. This will make it to where the devs will make more money cause people will spend more in a 24 hour period and people will have a better chance of getting different heroes and not being so upset. This also will be a small update and the cost will be small

Because there’s only a limited summoning pool of heroes to draw from.

Higher star heroes are intended by the devs to be rare, so what happens when someone lays down cash and uses up the whole pool of 3s, then 4s because they have to get a hero and can’t get a duplicate 3*, and then they go on to get all the 4* heroes as well and by design necessity start getting fast cheap 5* heroes?

The no duplicates from the draw idea could only work if you also have a limit on the number of heroes you could summon in a given day, it resets when the new draws become available, and it only avoids duplicates in the summoning, but can provide a hero the player already has.

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