New stronghold levels and new story ground levels

Do y’all plan on extending the stronghold leveis ( currently only 20) and the story ground levels ( currently only 23 ) ? I’m not planning on playing and/or spending any more money on the game if you aren’t. The game is to small as it is now. I’m not the only one who is wondering this, so if your reading this please weigh in with ur comments. Also this game would make more money if you address the problem of obtaining ascension tools and the merc problems. I’m gonna keep telling people to stpp spending their hard earned money on this game in.GC until these problems are addressed. One more thing it is despicable to sell heros only to have them nerfed,.

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You make a few decent points here, but taken all together it just comes off as a rant, which will often get you ignored or dismissed as not worth responding to. I’m not trying to be insulting here, just trying to offer some advice. If you want a rational response, you are better off making one cogent point at a time, rather than a laundry list of complaints.

That said, let’s look at your list. I agree that the game seems a bit short. Honestly, I haven’t even finished it at this point, but only because there doesn’t seem to be a reason to rush. From what I hear, it sounds like when you finish the game it says something about the end of Season 1, which at least implies they’re planning more.

Ascension materials are definitely a big source of frustration in the game. I don’t have much to add that hasn’t been discussed in WAY more detail elsewhere in the forums.

Your final point is where you start sounding like a ranting angry customer, who anyone who works in retail can tell you will usually just be placated and mollified but basically ignored. You need to understand that you have basically zero legal recourse in this situation. In order to play the game, you have to agree to the terms and conditions, which explain that you do not own any part of this game. You have their permission to play it. If you buy gems or other materials, you are technically purchasing the lease to use those materials. Small giant games retains all rights to the materials, and the ability to modify them at any time with no warning, and without consulting you first. When you started playing the game, You gave them permission to change things. They changed things. Now you want to sue. That’s not how it works.

Furthermore, with very few exceptions, you aren’t able to purchase heroes for money. You purchase gems. The fact that you are upset about what you got from those gems doesn’t mean that you get your money back. Lots of people gamble and lose. That’s how gambling works. Sorry, but your “lawsuit” has no basis and no chance of success.


You are totally correct in every aspect. I wrote this when angry which is not a very good time to have wrote it.
After a futher cooling down period i regret having wrote it, but there still are some good bases to my complaints which is mostly what it is. And after re-reading it does come off as sort of crazy rant n rave and i appologize if i have offended anyone. When you enjoy the game like i do you just get frustrated after a while.


No worries, I was never offended. As I say, you’ve got some good points. Unfortunately sometimes when you make one or two easily-rebutted points, people will dismiss your whole post.

The campaign/storyline question is definitely one worth talking about. If the current campaign is just a season one, what happens when season two comes out? Is it more provinces after the current ones? An alternate campaign? Can you still do the season 1 campaign after season 2 is released? I agree that it would be nice to hear anything at all from the Devs about future plans. As it stands, this game has the least-active community management of any online game I’ve played.

There’s no point in adding more story levels until they have a point for the ones they already have. You get nothing for “completing the game” just level loot.

Thats a bummer too, i would also like to se that happen.

Haha, completing the map levels provides a meta goal!
Maybe no great reward but it’s a distraction from a tedious grind! :slight_smile:

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Maybe they did not expect the game to be as popular as it is and did not plan according. Gotta have more faith :slight_smile:

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You get more resources from the watchtower the more provinces you beat. But yeah I do agree, clearing the map was pretty anticlimactic, not even a reward from the mission “story: season 1 completed” .

One idea I pitched was a Diablo 2 style system, where when you beat the game you can advance to a new difficulty and clear the map again. Exactly same fights but harder and with better loot. This would be an easy thing to implement, compared to doing new provinces which would need content work, new graphics etc…


Arien, I like the newgame+ idea. Maybe… more ascension items?

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As much as I hate how insanely overpriced this game is, keep in mind that you don’t buy heroes. You buy gems. What you chose to do after that is your business.

Gems can be used for all kinds of static bonuses, speeding up crafting, upgrades, resetting chests, buying extra food and iron. So if you chose to gamble them on heroes, it’s literally your fault and no one else’s.

There are very very few times when the law gets involved in cases like this, and trust me, I’m one of the most salty and irritated players on the forums, but you have no case.

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You r totally correct penari I’ve already stated I wrote this stupid post outta frustration and should quit doing this when i get mad, i can face that fact n I’m a dumbbutt fer it.

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You’re in good company Skunky, no worries.

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