New Stronghold Features Proposals

Some proposals for added features to the stronghold.
First make more customization options, such as a day and night feature to match your time zone. Add catapults, custom banners/flags, ships/boats in the river etc.
Also I think adding a feature on the VIP dragon, that the nest every month hatches an egg that is an epic ascension item or such.
Second, include new villagers that you can battle for rewards. Like battling village farmers, carpenters, blacksmiths, wardens, priests, of different tiers that award food bundles, battle/crafting and ascension materials. Not in the same way you farm on maps. These would be higher and more rare volumes of reward bundles. You could have a stronghold chest and by defeating the villagers the rewards go into the chest and it’s only unlocked after defeating so many or acquiring a certain amount of points.
Just some ideas that I wanted to share.

Finally, something to use one of my precious votes on.

Can’t you please develop and sell a phone game? I would be your first customer!

Love love love all of these ideas!


I bet the devs love the idea of a dragon egg spawning a free epic ascension item every month…they must already be working the source code to get it on line asap…:smiling_imp:

I can smell the sarcasm dripping off that comment from here, Ian! :rofl:

But some method of acquiring ascension materials more frequently would be a good thing. For those of us that play the game, anyway.

If I find a good “master listing” for this, I’ll try to link it in.

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