New status effects thread


As we already know, the new event quests and the heroes of the months has giving to us many new 5* heroes, all with unique status effects (more or less appealing) so devs has the necessity to create everytime many others in a short period of time.
So why don’t we help a little using this topic to gather new ideas?

For istance: (i refer only on new 5*)

  • Mana cutter to all (like Li Xiu)
  • Instant death (30% of possibility to instant kill a target, or 10% to kill a multitarget)
  • Buff thief (Ability to steal the opponent’s buff… or debuff :smile: )
  • Debuff shield (protect all the team only from status effects)

And so on…


Super perfect riposte. Reflects special ability (or chance to do so) in addition to damage


I’m still reeling from the Instant Death idea!

  • Specials Freeze
  • more Elemental-related buffs or debuffs


Elemental uh?
How about something like “Reverse weakness effect” ?

For that turns a blue hero (for istance) is no more weak to nature and strong to fire, but weak to fire and strong to nature.
It makes my head just implode :smile:


Ooo! What about:

  • Elemental source: Hero has NO elemental weakness! All attacks against hero are 1/2 strength


Colour immunity, for x turns, random chosen (if gets immunity for the strong colour the weak colour will do normal dmg. Like it its gets hit form own colour tiles)

Immortality: an hit effect for 2 or 3 turns. (Can be dispelled)

Its only on the caster


If it’s immortality, I would expect that it cant be dispelled. Should be for a very short duration, and I agree; only the caster.