New SS effect ideas for future heroes

Here’s a bunch of brainstorming ideas I’ve had for abilities I’d like to see in future heroes.

  1. Make an effect that prevents the enemy from buffing their heroes. There are a number of effects that provide immunity from various debuffs but I haven’t seen anything that stops a buff from being applied.

  2. Make a new ability or modify healing debuffs like Perseus’s SS to prevent revival via Fighter talent or Alby / MoNo / Atomos / Muggy. That healing debuff ability seems like an overpriced and underused effect. I suppose that rebalancing the stats of those heroes is not likely to happen but this idea may make these heroes a bit more attractive while not changing much about them. Yet Alby & MoNo are so popular in high level alliance wars that I think people would be interested in something to counter revival.

  3. Make a 5-star riposte hero like Boril and Cyprian are for 4-stars. Elena, Obakan and Boss Wolf all do something else and have riposte tacked on to the hero’s other ability. Color reflection and SS dodging seem to be poor substitutes for a general riposte. I’m wondering what 5-star hero would look like if they were designed to exploit riposte.

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