New spot needed

So I left the last alliance I was in (great group) as I was having tablet instability issues and kept crashing in war hits. I didn’t want to potentially be the cause of losses so I went playing by myself where a zero only affects me. Stability has been better last week or so so hopeful issue may be resolved.

A bit about me:

I will use all my titan hits but because grinding bores me I may at times be mats light so don’t expect great scores. Minimum hit requirements probably won’t be able to be met for extended periods.


I am generally around 4 of 6 in war. My worst format is typically arrows.

What I’m looking for:

Relatively full alliance (not less than 20)
Chatty but not full of people complaining constantly.
Titan level doesn’t matter to me, but if it is regularly above 10/11 remember my proviso from earlier.
I don’t mind being a more experienced player in a developing alliance and love chatting strategy/ heroes etc


Come give the Bearcats a look, we have just 1 spot open. 8-10 titans though, but a more experienced player would help bump that a bit. Very friendly and laid back group. Good mix of vets and up and comers. Would love to have you.

Sounds good. Joined now.

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I can throw our hat in the ring. Death Punch Brigade. Generally titans are 8-10… with 10 being a maybe.
We’re not always chatty, but I’m usually around so it doesn’t seem like you are talking to yourself.
We do run common tanks for wars, but as long as you use all your flags, we’re fine. If you don’t we expect you to sit out the next one, though that is hard to enforce.
As for complaining, you may see some people complain about the boards during a war (mainly myself and one other), but nothing more than that.
Other than that we’re casual and not expecting people to push hard and use items for events or titans.

Edit: Ah well too late.

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Hey there! I see I’m late but if for a reason you need a change later Crew-Jesters have a couple of spots available. We are a top 200 alliance killing 14* titans, we earn top 1k rewards of MT and AQ, we have a flexible war strategy and a drama free atmosphere. If you are interested my line id is kloster31 and i would be happy to see you there.
Good luck to your new journey!!!

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@Quinn3 , @Kloster I’ll keep you both in mind if I go looking again. Thanks for the offers.


Hey kilted, welcome to visit and try Tuck the Fitans.

Generally on 11-12* titans, no minimums.

25 members at the moment.

Im probably the most chatty but there are some heavy event players who share scores there, one a ftp but hes more on the discord server.

Hope you enjoy your new home!


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