New special idea

all allies get 100% mana and 50% mana regen for 2 turns . this would be for a slow mana hero

The Mana gain would need to be less than 20% to not be overpowered. At 100%, I could bring two of these heroes to a raid and use them to refill each other’s Mana, allowing my attacking heroes to obliterate the other side because they’ll never run out of Mana.

I need a hero that’s cutting off all my mana from all allies but it’s giving them proper health.
Kindof like what Obama did with his healthcare :slight_smile:

Added it to the Master Thread :slight_smile:

that’s if it goes off before your dead slow mana takes a bit to charge

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Idea for a new 5 star hero with average to fast mana. Steals the mana and skills from a random enemy and then unleashes the skill back on another random target. If steals from a healer, steals the health and mana and distributes evenly amongst all allies.

Sounds like Lord Loki :wink:

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