New Soul Exchange-like Events

Sacrifice of Souls
Every three months

Players can select a legendary hero to sacrifice and pick one of two options:

  • Recover all ascension materials used in the hero;
  • Recover all LB1 materials used in the hero.

Recovering LB1+LB2 mats, or even just LB2 mats seems asking too much, considering the game’s economy. Maybe it could be an option when they eventually release LB3. We can also save the Aether Reset Tokens for the LB2 heroes we want to strip.

Soul Bartering (needs a better name)
Every three months

Select an eligible legendary hero to sacrifice, pay gems/coins and get a different random legendary from the same family/season. Families would be added to this level after six months.

It wouldn’t break the economy. It’d happen too few times a year and the odds to get a specific hero would be too low. It wouldn’t make big spenders stop pulling since this wouldn’t allow them to get the meta heroes asap.
It could even encourage pulling since it would increase the value of dupe heroes when chasing other specific heroes. It would mostly help players that spend less, making them able to reroll the occasional dupe, or reroll some hero they dislike or doesn’t fit their roster. It would increase the value of every pull and would not discourage pulling.

Every month we’d have a “Soul Event”, Soul Exchange > Sacrifice of Souls > Soul Bartering > Soul Exchange > …

I’m sure this would make a big part of the community very happy. And happy customers are spending customers.

Some of us are happy to simply take. No wish to spend more, but happy to keep taking.