New skills- Level 20= unlimited loot tickets

I dont like more and more additions to this game, because its a giant chore, plus hobby, and even its own part time job. Its getting so bad, Time draining raids, farming, wars, titan, special quests, now new quests to get those new skills, the map flags have gotten no improvements, no radical upgrades. You can spend real money to farm quicker via loot tickets, but at this point, make farming free, award a ton more loot tickets everywhere, or plainly make a button to auto complete farming for free. Let those who enjoy matching puzzles do manual farming. Once someone hits level 20 unlock that free auto complete button.


What is this??? Quit and never come back, please.


Re read bud. I enjoy this game, but NOT my retirement. thats far far far away.

Imo a game is made to consume your time and it’s up to you how much time you want to spend on it… I love hitting that :fast_forward: button while making coffee or having a breakfast.

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Noone is forcing you to complete 100% of the daily stuff. Complete whatever is fun and stop doing whatever seems like a chore.

And if you don’t want to fall behind… well, now that’s another story. Being ahead of others has its time/effort demands. (Also, add /cash for ‘the very top’, but that’s yet another story. )

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