New skill: invisibility

During the raid I met an invisible hero, he disappeared in the middle of the battle after using special skill, when the left flank and wing were still alive

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To post a video, upload it as a private video on YouTube then post the link.

They should make that happen. Invisible skill and shuffle position


This is actually a special skill signature to one of the limited epic heroes. I forgot his name, but I fought against him a few weeks ago. Managed to defeat him, but upon death, he activated his signature and turned invisible. My first reaction was ■■■?! Luckily though, my team came through in the clutch. Layla with the final blow.

Her name is Ameonna. Here it is.

And her invisible skill is not visually invisible, only has more transparent.

The OP videos is Atomos, and he does not has invisible skill.

There are ghost forms. (visible) not invisibility that we are talking about

@Raghstpart, yes I just make more clear for @Cyraine.
Ameonna skill is transparent, not invisible.
The OP Atomos is bugs invisble visually.

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Maybe Atomos was buffed :wink:
If not, he’s bugged :zipper_mouth_face:


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