New shop ideas

Isn`t it about time we refurbished the shop.

I mean who actually buys anything from the shop with its ridiculously over priced items.
Who`s gonna spend 4217 gems to refill your food ?? … No-one.
80 gems for a bomb attach ??

Its a shop so why cant you buy ascension items, emblems ??

Cant you creat a pick n mix bundle… where WE choose what we want and you price them.

Example: I want to buy 50 emblems and 2 telescopes, you provide a price, (cash or gems) and everyones happy, if the price is right.

Im just asking for the shop to change as i`ve never bought anything from it and that seems to be a waste of time having the shop if theres nothing for me to buy that I want/need.

Yeah 4* mats would be lovely !!! I am not gonna spend anymore on pulls because I have enough heros to max and no 4* :frowning: besides never tried those things at the shop… they are what nobody needs

Exactly, the shop is useless to nearly everyone. It needs to change.

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I like your ideas, and I agree with them, I have proposed similar ideas myself. Unfortunately I don’t think it will ever happen.

When I suggested that we should be able to directly buy ascension materials, people said “that would make the game even more pay to win, because the big spenders would come in and buy everything they needed”.

Isn’t that what they already do anyway??? At the current prices, the only way to get ascension mats through the store is buy either buying bundled packs or loot boxes with no guaranteed items. People tell me that this is what keeps the game fair, that’s what prevents big spenders from having everything.

No… it’s what prevents everyone from having anything.

As for the shop… as ridiculous as I think most of those items are (at those prices, anyway)… surprisingly? Some people do buy them.

Don’t ask me why. I think it’s insane myself. But they set up the shop that way for a reason. They have learned that the best way to maximize profits is by convincing us that every item in the game is worth way more money than it probably should cost. And as long as there are even just a few players out there willing to pay those prices, they are going to keep on doing it that way.


I am from Austria, how can I change the language into German here, can’t find it

What exactly do you want to change? The official forum language is englisch but there is a section called " foreign languages" where you can post and ask questions in German.

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