New Servers


With the very large amount of people playing and the addition of events I think it it may be time to open up more servers. This probably has a different meaning to those with Small Giant so I’ll explain what I mean:

In similar games they have different servers where you tap into your options and can flip between them opening a different game each time. A new one could give those that started later a chance to slow build and not suck or a player who’s played awhile a do over. Basically just a fresh start in the game while still keeping our previous characters in another spot.


I have played other games with many servers and with this game getting more players every day, It may be time as several times today I was kicked out of the server because it was too busy. An idea worth considering.


That’s dependent on software architecture and honestly the more in a common group the better for this game.

I’ve heard people complaining about not enough active players, or in your shoes viv not enough people to hit. Segregating the user population is just going to make things worse for the community and for the game in general in my estimation.

If SG has a scalability issue on their infrastructure, well they can always find someone like me on the infrastructure side as I’m not exactly unique in the industry… my guess is they’re just load balancing in a cloud somewhere but I’ve never taken a sniffer to really see where all the connections go.

There are other games where it does make sense, but typically that’s in more of a P2W model than what this is where there’s massively diminishing returns to spending money.

It may be worth further discussion but personally I’d rather SG just solve the capacity issues and keep everyone in one big group… I’m thinking they should’ve anticipated though a large spike in players for this, but overall the rollout wasn’t anywhere close to the worse I’ve seen: WoW was down hours at a time in it’s early life for example.


Split to several servers is a necessary architecture in MMORPG games, where players react with each other. Too many players in one place would cause too much stress on the server as the load grows exponentially, not linearly

EP is not a MMORPG game. There is no interaction and fights are done on the client side, so load grows pretty much linearly. I don’t know their exact tech, but they should have some kind of cloud based infrastructure that is easy to scale with load. Something obviously failed in that yesterday with the sudden growth in load, although I didn’t encounter that.


I don’t really know the mechanics of it obviously but I do think having separate worlds would be good for players. I recently started a second account and I can easily see how frustrating it is to start months even up to a year behind players. Considering how it already seems a bit crowded, and it’s still growing daily I do think a fresh world new faces new top spots to fight for etc would be nice considering how much E&P is growing.


I would think a better use of resources would be to streamline the new account experience?

What do you see as the challenges on a new account from your experience of a long-time player?

Not sure I agree that leaderboard issues are relevant for most new accounts TBH, it’d probably be the same faces as it is in other games which do similar.