New servers for new players

I joined the E&P community about 1 month ago and have a lot of fun with the every day and event gaming. But as I always look for competition, it seems to be pretty worthless to put money in this game. Usually I want to support the developers who enabled me to play their great game by making some ingame purchrases. I already bought VIP and some diamonds, but as this game already exists for quite a long time now, there are many players with almost maxed out teams. So there is no more incentive for me to compete and invest more money because catching up to players who play this game for 1 year or more seems impossible.
New servers would make the competition for new players interesting again and also some players might want to start all over again as they now know how to progress and invest the best way.

I started 8 months ago, but I’d still move to the new server if they’d open one.