New series of clothes for each heros in the 2019? you like this idea?

Dear Small Giant staff
i like very well the idea of new series of clothes for each heros for the 2019 , or change of outfit for Ascension hero event.

What do you think about it

they’re already planning this


Man, I’m curious about what other characters would wear.
Boldtusk has shown the possibility of several ‘Real Life AU’-themed costumes, which opens a ton of possibilities: casual clothes, high school, business suits, modern military…

This concept was part of the 2019 development plans. See:

Let’s use this thread to contemplate particular “skins” for heroes.

I am on the fence about this idea as a whole, since this game already uses some pay to get ahead model I would personally prefer the skins be cosmetic only, but if they don’t go that route I would not be too angry.

That out of the way I absolutely wouldn’t mind skins for changing up heroes every once in a while.

I don’t like this idea at all. It will make the game too childlike. I really hope they completely disregard the costume design. I really like the medieval feel of the game, and would be very disappointed fighting a hero wearing a tuxedo or nurse’s outfit.


The idea of alternate skins/costumes in general is good, but hopefully the execution won’t mess too much with the existing game styles. After the Christmas event and seeing the Chef Boldtusk preview I can see why people might be concerned about the game moving towards silly and childish styles rather than the more mature previous heroes.


Only for christmas heroes and other silly characters from Season 2 to get back into the right tone.
For what I see here, in my alliance and in the general chat, this is a game for adult people… we need more epic fantasy, not candies or cartoons.

PS: chef clothes are not the right way to go, imho.


I agree let’s keep the epic fantasy feel of the game. I was disappointed when Season 2 came out. The heros and graphics went completely in another direction (shell shock). I don’t want to have to quit the game because of ridiculous cartoonish designs.


What a great idea—give Santa and Buddy some options that are in the character of the rest of the game.

My understanding of how skins work in other, similar games is that are only cosmetic, so this isnt a money-for-power swap.


Then I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you’re going to be disappointed with the Wonderland heroes as well

:+1: Like the idea because it is a new income source for SGG that doesn’t affect the game mechanics at all. Many players like pins, avatars and background and keep spending gems for them.

I personally won’t spend anything and rather try to get new heroes etc but I know quite a few in my alliance who most probably will.

Well, if it looks anything like the sneak peak once finalized, then more than likely it will be disappointing (for me anyways.) Funny thing is, I was thinking to myself a few weeks before the preview for 2019 came out. It would be nice to have a new challenge event. What a let down when I saw pink flamingos and fairy princesses.


maybe, i not think is much different to fight with 5 star Alice o Santa Claus wife !!

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